school desk with stationery and backpacks on chairs

Back to School

Summer always goes by in a rush. Suddenly, when you realise your monsters have grown a foot, the annual scramble begins to find a uniform which fits. It’s back to school time! If your child is moving up to senior school there will be new things they need like a bigger backpack to carry books … Read more

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Time to get back to make do and mend?

70 years is a long time. What was living like when the queen took the throne? The world and how people live in it has changed at an incredible rate. For a start there was no internet, certainly no mobile phones and actual shops were the destination to buy everything. Imagine!  It took more effort … Read more

Secondhand bikes, a buyers guide!

Bikes are never just for kids, every age can enjoy the feel good factor of pedaling rather than “petroling” somewhere. As the number of UK cyclists keeps rising, so do the numbers of used bikes being bought and sold. Whether it’s a bicycle for bombing round the jump park or trundling with a toddler to … Read more

How to be a Hero – what can you do to save the world?

Well, the good news is that you don’t need to wear your underpants on the outside! As we teeter on the edge of society as we know it, with COVID 19 causing chaos to our manmade world, the natural world has crept into the spotlight some more. We are all now aware of how our carbon … Read more

Creature Comforts. Could be the moment to try a Hygge?

As winter creeps up and Christmas is on the horizon it may be time to change gear. This year, with parties and pubs being an unlikely marker in your diary, could be the moment to try Hygge. (unless you still have an appetite for zooming !)  Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word for a … Read more

Can less ever be more?

Christmas is one of the annual highs for a lot of kids, but how did we get to the competitive consumer frenzy that passes for normal now?  It is one of a few annual extravaganzas that have pivoted from the marking of a religious date, to an arms race to keep up with the….who exactly? … Read more

Why Rumage?

As I look at the mirror and notice the artex toothpaste spatters, I often ask why did I start this journey? Why would a busy mum, an artist with too many dogs and afterschool clubs want to make life even busier? The answer is simple, I didn’t choose it exactly, it was simply the obvious … Read more

Back to school and Some things though are still the same

As the debate escalates this week around children returning to schools in england, I am currently on a mammoth sewing bee, involving name tapes, sore fingers and the realisation that my eyes are not what they used to be! My eldest is changing schools and after the summer of sun and homespun fun, the excitement … Read more

The old used in new renovations

Over the last few years there has been an upsurge in making more of what you have rather than splashing cash and moving house. Lots of people are taking control of their own lives and starting businesses they can run from home, making best use of their talents and cutting costs of commuting. If you … Read more

Planet Friendly Products: Part Two – Laundry

Over the last 4 months in our house, two things have happened more than normal (and it’s not coffee consumption which we have already told you about!) The fridge keeps emptying at a rate worthy of Ron Weasley returning home, and the washing machine has gone into overdrive. Some days I am sure it turns … Read more