Wooden garden games that the whole family can enjoy

To help you select more sustainable outdoor games, Rumage has been doing a little digging. We are all more plastic conscious these days and so wooden outdoor games are making a real comeback – not only are they better for the environment, they look nicer as well. Here are our top 3 Quoits a simple … Read more

The facts about Recycling

At the end of 2019 recycling rates were worse than they were five years ago, after the percentage of waste being collected fell despite pledges to make the system simpler for households. The figures from the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) show that the amount of household rubbish being recycled dropped from … Read more

It’s all about the coffee for the Rumage team

Here at Rumage, we, like most people have been juggling to keep the plates spinning these last few months, and whilst the morning coffee was always a necessary indulgence, now it seems to have raised itself to just “necessary”, fullstop. Not only does the mind and body need the bolstering of a caffeine boost, but … Read more

Upcycle it!

We know that upcycling reuses object/materials to create new products and that they have a real or perceived higher value than the original. Well, that’s the dictionary definition out the way. But it’s been proven that there are huge environmental benefit of upcycling as well. It doesn’t just reduce the volume of materials sent to landfill each … Read more

Eco at Home some top finds from rumage.com

At Rumage we believe in making second-hand your first choice. More than that – we believe that we should, wherever possible, make planet friendly choices if we can’t get what we need second hand. We’ve been championing ideas from Chilly bottles that provide cold water on-the-go, without having to buy single-use plastic water bottles to … Read more

Life probably won’t be the same again

In a matter of a few months COVID-19 has rocked our worlds (as well as the planet) and forced us all to question everything about our day-to-day lives. We are all re-imagining our values, habits and usual routines, both personally and in our working lives. Obviously, like you, our friends and family have been though … Read more

What kids worry about in 2020

Lock down reading for the whole family There are many things that we need to teach our children and while we have them at home more than ever we can spend time on important things. We found this book (What A Waste: Rubbish, Recycling, and Protecting our Planet What a Waste that we thought helped … Read more

Frightening Facts about our everyday

Trees The world’s oldest trees are more than 4,600 years old. 27,000 trees are cut down each day so we can have Toilet Paper. We can save 75,000 trees if we recycled the paper used on the daily run of the New York Times alone. Rainforests An estimated 50,000 species inhabiting our tropical forests become … Read more

Habits need to change!

Google searches for climate change beat Game of Thrones searches at the end of 2019! If this doesn’t indicate the importance of climate change and how it continues to rise up the agenda, we don’t what does. Covid 19 has stopped the world and this has shown us the HUGE difference it makes when we … Read more


We are using the Earth’s renewable resources, such as energy, clean water and air, healthy soils etc. at a rate 1.7 times that the Earth can renew them! So, what’s the big deal? Earth Overshoot day is the date in which resource consumption exceeds the Earth’s capacity to regenerate those resources. This year it occurred on July 29th, and this date … Read more