We are using the Earth’s renewable resources, such as energy, clean water and air, healthy soils etc. at a rate 1.7 times that the Earth can renew them! So, what’s the big deal? Earth Overshoot day is the date in which resource consumption exceeds the Earth’s capacity to regenerate those resources. This year it occurred on July 29th, and this date … Read more

Doing our bit

Following a surge in climate activism, the climate emergency is now established in the top five most important issues facing the UK today, at around the same level as the economy. So, what’s the big deal? In a survey, 69% of UK respondents could not think of a brand that is​ taking a lead in tackling​ climate change. But … Read more

The Waste Pyramid

Waste is a huge problem globally… We bin around 50m tonnes of electrical waste globally every year. That’s nearly 4 million double decker buses’ worth of old computer equipment, TVs, stereos and kitchen appliances, stretching to the moon more than 3 times over! We throw away 7.2 million tonnes of food every year, and more … Read more