Secondhand bikes, a buyers guide!

Bikes are never just for kids, every age can enjoy the feel good factor of pedaling rather than “petroling” somewhere. As the number of UK cyclists keeps rising, so do the numbers of used bikes being bought and sold. Whether it’s a bicycle for bombing round the jump park or trundling with a toddler to … Read more

Get On your bike! And ride!

The Brits love of cycling has been steadily growing since Bradley Wiggins pedaled his way into our peripheral vision. Yellow Lycra, tiny saddles and skinny wheels are now found all over the country sometimes 3 abreast ! In the last 4 months it’s boomed again. Stuck at home with WiFi creating connective havoc across the … Read more

Staycation – Part 3 (The garden)

Want to stay at home? Then this one is for you. If you’d rather not leave home have a read of the Rumage holiday ideas. Part 1 was about luxury. Part 2 was about campsites we love and today we are staying in the GARDEN. With COVID-19 still in our communities there is a desire … Read more

Staycation – Part 2 (Camping and Glamping)

If you, like us , think that maybe it is time we opted for holidaying at home? Then this is for you. Over the next few days/weeks the Rumage team will be posting ideas for holidaying in the UK and in even in the garden. We will try to cater for all budgets but look … Read more

Staycation – Part 1 (Luxury)

Holidays abroad have been cancelled for many, and if yours hasn’t maybe you don’t really want all the bother of getting away while there is still the possibility of picking up the nasty virus. We look set to have ours cancelled and though we always off set our carbon – is it time we ditched … Read more

Face Masks – the everyday now

We are being advised to wear a mask when we go out in public. Experts say the homemade masks won’t protect someone from getting sick, but they can help prevent the spread of the disease by those with the virus. Face masks are a symbol of the pandemic era – a visual metaphor for the … Read more

It’s their planet after all

Your kids think about the planet all the time Recycling or upcycling helps to teach children to reuse items and to practically get to grip with the benefits of this behaviour. Recycling saves the planet in so many ways, it saves the environment and at the same time it offers people jobs, which means that it also helps with … Read more

Busy? Now more than ever!

The term ‘parent’ comes with all the busyness you can handle. Now more than ever, when the kids have been off school, life has not got any less hectic. Whether you are a stay at home parent or a working one, these strange times have tested us all. Lots of us have both parents at … Read more

Grit and determination

As we all start to prepare to come out of the lockdown of the last 100+ days there are those that are going to really struggle with reintegration. While this has been a tough time for everyone, there are a group of children and young adults amongst us who have had to really face their … Read more

Plastic Free July … Are you up for the 2022 challenge?

Plastic Free July® is a Global movement started by the founder of the Plastic Free Foundation, Rebecca Prince-Ruiz. Plastic free July is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution. This is all so we can have cleaner streets, oceans, and beautiful communities. Will you be part … Read more