Wellbeing Show – Liz Earle and Jo Spolton Chat!

Buying second hand for the planet and our wellbeing, with Jo Spolton

Liz and Jo share staggering statistics on the impact of waste on our planet, the wellbeing benefits of buying second hand, and how we can all consume more sustainably.

Did you know that 22 million items of furniture end up in landfill in the UK every year? And fashion represents 10% of global carbon emissions?

On this episode of The Liz Earle Wellbeing Show, Liz is joined by Jo Spolton, the co-founder of Rumage, a platform designed to make second hand shopping easier.

Jo talk to Liz share chat about Jo’s early career and what has driven her purpose.

Listen to our Founder Jo talk to Liz about the joys of upcycling, alongside some scary statistics about waste.

Why second hand is FAST becoming FIRST choice. 🌍 Soaring inflation. 🌍 Increasing energy costs. 🌍 Everything from clothes to food and even toys for the kids costing more! 🌍 Less stability in work, zero hour contracts and two jobs to make ends meet. 🍃The environmental cost 🍃The human cost vs our desire for shiny new.

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