When used kids stuff is easy, budgeting is easy

As a mum I know the clothes my kids get through. There are the shoes that are in perfectly good nick but they’ve grown out of them. Then the bikes that are too small and the toys that go out of favour. Buying everything new makes no sense when you have kids. And the same … Read more

Why Rumage for second-hand?

There are now so many places to look for second-hand items that it’s often overwhelming. Where to go when you want to save both money and the planet with one conscience consumer decision? Meet Jo, our founder, and find out why she started Rumage.com. I started Rumage.com on my kitchen table back in 2019 because I … Read more

the secondhand clothing industry could be a life saver!

Not only is there a hugely positive social and environmental impact to buying second-hand clothing, you can create your own style for less. Shopping this way saves you cash as well as reducing carbon emissions, water usage and energy. It prevents items ending up in landfill or incinerators. Excitingly, the second-hand clothing industry has been … Read more

2Hand has a new name. Rumage!

Why buy new? Be first with second-hand. 2Hand has re-branded after user research into what we do and how we help. 2Hand is now known as rumage.com. We search all the listing and classified sites to make ethical shopping easier for you. We give you a wider choice, with less effort, placing it all in … Read more

Get into Repairing – Don’t dump it!

After the New year it often seems like the perfect pause we all need to take stock, not just of the year and your life but literally ….. take stock! How many duplicate items do you have in your house now after a very generous gift of a new phone, bike, reading lamp or games … Read more

The story of getting BoobyTrap back to the sea

Simon Spolton tells us his journey from idea to reality… I have been racing a boat called a Flying Fifteen for years with my great friend from Uni, but decided that a change of pace was required, I wanted to spend more time sailing with my family – wife Jo and kids of 10 and … Read more

How to wrap up Christmas and be planet friendly

As we clear up the remains of sagging pumpkins thoughts often skip past bonfire night to the height of consumer chaos….Christmas. This year however, the word is out that Christmas could be difficult to purchase.  Things are getting tricky Shortages of lorry drivers and shipping backlogs are creating havoc. Popular toys like Paw Patrol vehicles … Read more

Shopping for clothes and saving the planet

Now more than ever we need to help save our planet. The climate crisis is still a big issue and getting to grips with this could not be more imperative than it is now because the atmosphere’s CO2 levels still rose in 2020 despite round the globe lock-downs due to Covod-19. “The global response to the … Read more

Global Recycling Day – 18th March 2021

Global Recycling Day was created in 2018 to help recognise, and celebrate, the importance recycling plays in preserving our precious primary resources and securing the future of our planet. It is a day for the world to come together and put the planet first. Why do we need to support this? Our Planet Earth yields … Read more

The circular economy – it’s what we are all about

Looking at the dictionary definition, the circular economy  is an alternative to a traditional linear economy – one where we make, use and dispose of items. It means we keep resources in use for as long as possible, getting the maximum value from items whilst they are in use. Then we recover and regenerate the products and materials … Read more