Life in the UK is opening up!

A year into lock-down and, for many of us, ‘work’ consists of a laptop at the kitchen table while hushing kids, partners, housemates and pets and as I’m sure you will all know stating ‘I was on mute, sorry’ more time a day that you want to admit. Despite that, when lock-down lifts, 74% of UK … Read more

We just want holiday experiences no matter the rules

From May people started preparing for summer. At that point the 14-day quarantine was in place in the UK for all of those returning from foreign travel. The pubs and restaurants were closed and though they have opened up we are also seeing the quarantine back in full force with Croatia and Austria joining the … Read more

Mental Health, COVID 19 and how we are now working

There is a weird phenomenon developing. Some of the world and its workers are returning to a relatively ‘normal’ life. But many are still ‘locked up’ working from home. There are lots of businesses with large offices that are not opening up any time soon. Some say September and others are thinking more like January … Read more

Face Masks – the everyday now

We are being advised to wear a mask when we go out in public. Experts say the homemade masks won’t protect someone from getting sick, but they can help prevent the spread of the disease by those with the virus. Face masks are a symbol of the pandemic era – a visual metaphor for the … Read more

Grit and determination

As we all start to prepare to come out of the lockdown of the last 100+ days there are those that are going to really struggle with reintegration. While this has been a tough time for everyone, there are a group of children and young adults amongst us who have had to really face their … Read more

A new reality

The global coronavirus pandemic has created a new reality, one where grief and loss has featured for many – including me. Weddings, concerts, meetings, travels plans, school events, and more have been cancelled in because of this virus. Something we cannot control and feel at a loss as to how to express our feelings. We … Read more

Life probably won’t be the same again

In a matter of a few months COVID-19 has rocked our worlds (as well as the planet) and forced us all to question everything about our day-to-day lives. We are all re-imagining our values, habits and usual routines, both personally and in our working lives. Obviously, like you, our friends and family have been though … Read more