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Low cost or no cost family autumn crafts

It can be tempting to buy lovely crafty pieces and decorative items for our homes in the autumn. Shops have really embraced this trend so it can certainly be hard to resist. The good news is there are a lot of fun family crafts you can do at home that will cost hardly anything or … Read more

Let’s look for the untapped joy in life!

Well it goes without saying that life has been interesting over the last 18 months. And, that we are sick of saying that and talking about the pandemic. All of us have been on our own journey and no two have been alike.  Where there was once light-heartedness there has been sorrow. Where there was … Read more

Here’s to a happy healthy 2021!

This New Year’s celebrations on 31st December will look very different around the world. But when we get back to a more normal life maybe we can celebrate with others who have a different date? With vaccines being rolled out will we be ready to get together for a Chinese New Year on 12th February … Read more

Creature Comforts. Could be the moment to try a Hygge?

As winter creeps up and Christmas is on the horizon it may be time to change gear. This year, with parties and pubs being an unlikely marker in your diary, could be the moment to try Hygge. (unless you still have an appetite for zooming !)  Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word for a … Read more

It’s Christmas – but not as we know it!

What will celebrations over the festive time look given the new Covid-19 rules? By now the Christmas tree is up and the festive season is upon us. Christmas 2020 is going to be unlike any other that’s for sure!  Many are in another lock-down with none-essential shops, pubs and bars closed. All of us are … Read more

Puzzle it out! Build patience and willpower

Puzzles can cultivate patience and willpower, and it can reduce stress and relieve emotions. They offer hours of fun and entertainment everyone can enjoy. Finishing puzzles with family or friends gives you the opportunity to build a closer relationship with others and create a happy atmosphere, which makes the family atmosphere more harmonious and interesting. … Read more

Who’d be a parent? Happy parents make happy children

At the best of times being a parent is stressful – one in three families have both parents working full-time and for the majority of the time those parents have been at home with the kids juggling life, work and down-time.  There are about two million parents who are raising kids on their own and … Read more

Back to school and Some things though are still the same

As the debate escalates this week around children returning to schools in england, I am currently on a mammoth sewing bee, involving name tapes, sore fingers and the realisation that my eyes are not what they used to be! My eldest is changing schools and after the summer of sun and homespun fun, the excitement … Read more

Boy is it raining! But there is still much to enjoy!

What can we do as the school holidays are coming to an end but there is still time to have fun and make memories before we send them back to school? This term will be very different and there will be lots of anxiety from parents and from the little ones as they head back … Read more

Busy? Now more than ever!

The term ‘parent’ comes with all the busyness you can handle. Now more than ever, when the kids have been off school, life has not got any less hectic. Whether you are a stay at home parent or a working one, these strange times have tested us all. Lots of us have both parents at … Read more