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Fashion – Reasons to buy more second hand 

As champions of the pre-loved, Rumage celebrates second hand fashion. We are trying to reduce some of the stigma that sadly still exists about used items. There are now so many places to look for second hand items that it’s often overwhelming. Where to go when you want to save both money and the planet … Read more

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Unwanted Christmas Gifts?

Unwanted Christmas gifts can be passed on. We don’t list items to sell on Rumage.com but we do connect to over 20 marketplaces where people sell items. This means that our twenty thousand monthly visitors get lists from all the sites we are linked to in one go meaning that we can put seller and … Read more

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Vintage Clothes Last Longer! FACT!

A quarter of the clothes in our wardrobes haven’t been worn in a year. A survey by environmental group WRAP estimates that the UK’s wardrobes hold 1.6 billion of unworn garments. Interestingly though it also found that when we buy preloved and second hand vintage items, we tend to keep them longer than those we … Read more

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Pre-loved finds can Get your home cosy for Autumn

While summer is great for enjoying the outdoors and making the most of our outside spaces, Autumn brings a new found love of the indoors and our homes. Switching our ice creams to hot chocolates and our BBQs for roast dinners, embracing cosiness and home comforts is a great way to relish Autumn. You can … Read more

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Celebrate Halloween in second hand style 

Halloween can be a lot of fun and more families are embracing the opportunity for some spooky celebrations. Before you know it, costs can mount up if you’re buying decorations and other items to get into the spirit (no pun intended) of things. Here are some ways to celebrate Halloween in second hand style. Costumes … Read more

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Celebrating Second Hand September

At Rumage.com we love second hand, which is why we are so excited that it is Second Hand September. This fantastic campaign encourages all of us to only buy pre-loved items for the 30 days of September. Started by Oxfam, this month shouts about the benefits of second hand; reducing the negative impact of fast … Read more

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5 reasons to buy second hand clothes 

As champions of the pre-loved, at Rumage we couldn’t let National Second Hand Wardrobe Day pass us by. This great day celebrates second-hand clothes, and tries to reduce some of the stigma that sadly still exists about used items. In support of this brilliant awareness-raising day, here are five reasons to buy second-hand clothes. 1. … Read more

Wellbeing Show – Liz Earle and Jo Spolton Chat!

Buying second hand for the planet and our wellbeing, with Jo Spolton Liz and Jo share staggering statistics on the impact of waste on our planet, the wellbeing benefits of buying second hand, and how we can all consume more sustainably. Did you know that 22 million items of furniture end up in landfill in … Read more

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Back to School

Summer always goes by in a rush. Suddenly, when you realise your monsters have grown a foot, the annual scramble begins to find a uniform which fits. It’s back to school time! If your child is moving up to senior school there will be new things they need like a bigger backpack to carry books … Read more

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Refresh your summer wardrobe on a budget

(While helping the planet) The summer months sometimes creep up on us and the warmer weather can take us all by surprise. So it’s not uncommon to find that your wardrobe needs a bit of a refresh when (fingers crossed) the sun makes an appearance. Why not give second-hand a go when refreshing your wardrobe … Read more