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Time to get back to make do and mend?

70 years is a long time. What was living like when the queen took the throne? The world and how people live in it has changed at an incredible rate. For a start there was no internet, certainly no mobile phones and actual shops were the destination to buy everything. Imagine!  It took more effort … Read more

We’ve made buying pre-loved as easy as falling off a log

I know buying pre-loved can be a chore. Finding the right thing, bidding at the right time, how do you know where the thing you want is? Which websites to search? The best deal may be listed on Shpock, but you’ve got Ebay and Gumtree bookmarked. How many sites can you keep tabs on? So … Read more

Kids – They grow so fast, let’s use second-hand to help

As a parent I am still staggered about how fast kids grow. It seems that overnight nothing fits and the school uniform looks like they are expecting the floods. I try to shop ahead and predict the growth spurt to manage the shoe size, trouser length windows! Whenever my kids grow out of stuff, we … Read more

Are you new to buying used and are unsure if it’s right for you?

With rising concern about the environmental and ethical costs of the consumer goods industry worldwide, second-hand retail has seen growing importance over recent years. In the United Kingdom, there are a total of 3,943 store specialising in selling second-hand goods. Second-hand is an industry employing an average of 36 thousand people. During 2019, sales in … Read more

Why choose secondhand?

Some of us haven’t appreciated the art of shopping second hand and the thought of buying something used, for some, can be off-putting. Often, we associate people who shop second hand, with people who have very little money. And, some of us just like things fresh out of the packaging, sparkly and new. However, this … Read more

The story of getting BoobyTrap back to the sea

Simon Spolton tells us his journey from idea to reality… I have been racing a boat called a Flying Fifteen for years with my great friend from Uni, but decided that a change of pace was required, I wanted to spend more time sailing with my family – wife Jo and kids of 10 and … Read more

Let’s love our planet this Christmas

It’s an expensive time of year if you are buying gifts. However, there are lots of pre-loved sites selling lots of ‘still in the box’ goodies. Last December here at rumage.com we saw a huge spike in people using our service. The reasons they gave were the hunt for a bargain that was new or nearly … Read more

Nifty hints and tips on how to buy second-hand

Let’s look at why we buy and sell second-hand. It could be you like scoring a bargain or that you want to do your bit for the environment? If this is true, then second-hand buying is for you! By buying pre-loved items you will be helping to reduce landfill waste and lessen the load on … Read more

A Meaningful Purpose

Now more than ever there is a need for us to have more purpose and meaning in our lives, in our jobs and in the brands that we are attracted to. Younger generations that are entering the workforce want to connect with an employer who has a real purpose. Companies that don’t have a clear … Read more

Why second-hand makes sense.

There are certainly some great reasons to buy more second-hand, above just saving money. There is a positive impact on the environment – you are extending the life-cycle of a product which puts less strain on the environment as it helps slow down the rate of excessive consumption, which means less waste and emissions. Along-side … Read more