Do your bit NOW! Understand buying & selling second-hand

Some of us haven’t appreciated the art of shopping second hand and the thought of buying something used, for some, can be off-putting. Often, we associate people who shop second hand, with people who have very little money. And, some of us just like things fresh out of the packaging, sparkly and new. However, this … Read more

Some things are better second time round

The pandemic has changed a lot of the ways we shop and with the economic downturn very real for many families, shopping second-hand is more common than ever and there are lots of places you can go to find quality used items. What would you be happy to gift that is second-hand and are you … Read more

Rumage – a labour of love and a way of life

I met Jo at her art exhibition more years ago that I shall admit to, introduced by another friend I had no idea where this union would lead. I was new to a community, kids were a future project – life was good, life was one big party. Leaving the big smoke to start a … Read more

Why Rumage?

As I look at the mirror and notice the artex toothpaste spatters, I often ask why did I start this journey? Why would a busy mum, an artist with too many dogs and afterschool clubs want to make life even busier? The answer is simple, I didn’t choose it exactly, it was simply the obvious … Read more

And we are back! Time for a clear out?

So, the kids are back at school and if you are not working full time there is a bit of space without them under your feet to have a clear out! There is a sense of peace to get on with some therapeutic tidying. Why not hand on items you no longer need – gift … Read more

Reasons to be cheerful 1, 2, 3

Well 2020 is not how I’d envisioned it as I raised a glass on Jan 1st – it’s not what I planned or hoped for – in fact it’s turned most things on their head. Due to the pandemic we are navigating through a period of ultra-low interest rates, turbulent markets, reduced incomes, major job … Read more

Plastic Free July is over, so what’s next?

Written by friend of Susie Hudson. So Plastic Free July is over and I’m sure, like me, those that took part have learnt more about what they can do individually in terms of their own impact on plastic pollution.  Of course, plastic pollution is symptomatic of a much bigger problem and whilst we cannot … Read more

Give a boat a new life

If like the Founder and CEO, Jo and our CTO Stephen you have boats and boat bits knocking about why not give them a new life out of the water? If it is a new kid bed you are looking to make these two maybe will spark some ideas. I think probably they are … Read more

Get On your bike! And ride!

The Brits love of cycling has been steadily growing since Bradley Wiggins pedaled his way into our peripheral vision. Yellow Lycra, tiny saddles and skinny wheels are now found all over the country sometimes 3 abreast ! In the last 4 months it’s boomed again. Stuck at home with WiFi creating connective havoc across the … Read more

Cautious COVID Shopping Rumage can help

We are opening up as a country. Some school years are back (with more year groups to follow as schools get to grips with larger numbers), support bubbles are being built, more and more shops are throwing their doors open to us. Then there is the 4th of July news. From 4th July the bubbles … Read more