Why do I need to enter a postcode? We need to base our search around a physical location and a postcode enables us to work with all of our diverse, second hand sources. Are all the items second hand? Some of the websites we link to offer both new and second hand items. From these … Read more

Our world of work – has it changed forever?

Rumage is a start-up. We have always worked remotely. We know that this pandemic has forced the adoption of new ways of working for many more established businesses. They’ve needed to re-imagine their workplaces and the role of their offices in creating safe, productive, and collaborative places to come together as well as fulfilling roles … Read more

It’s all about the veg!

Now I have my veggie deliveries set up – how best to store them? I’ve been looking about and found this blog – 10 Tips For Keeping Produce Fresh Until Your Next Trip to the Grocery Store… Keep it fresh! And I’ve been hunting about for some great Veggie Bags that are an alternative to … Read more