The story of getting BoobyTrap back to the sea

Simon Spolton tells us his journey from idea to reality… I have been racing a boat called a Flying Fifteen for years with my great friend from Uni, but decided that a change of pace was required, I wanted to spend more time sailing with my family – wife Jo and kids of 10 and … Read more

Pump up the personality from pre-loved treasures

You can use Rumage to find that one pre-loved gem to add personality to your home. It will take a little effort to find just the right thing. But, it brings joy when you do find it and you turn it into something that’s just perfect for the space you want to fill. Be open-minded … Read more

Revitalised Goods Guest Blog. See the work as it happens

Upcycling Furniture. As we enter our third nationwide lockdown here in the UK, you may be looking for yet another new activity to fill your time or even just to provide a change in scenery. With that, I thought I’d share some tips with you on something that started out as a hobby and an … Read more

Old things, new life!

There is a growing movement to buy second-hand and recycle, upcycle, reuse and recreate! At Rumage we are passionate about giving old items a new life. We believe that second-hand should be a way of life and there should be fewer disposable items bought, less new mass-produced items filling our homes and a little more … Read more

Reasons to give Upcycling a try

Tap into your creative side and breathing new life into pre-loved items. Avoid the landfill as over 22M pieces of furniture are thrown into land fill in the UK every year. So, recycling or upcycling old items rather than buying new ones helps preserve raw materials, whilst simultaneously saving money and reducing waste. Everyone wins. … Read more

Create something beautiful

The success of upcyclers is how they navigate current trends and adapt. It all seemed to start with shabby chic which though it is less popular now it started people on the journey back to make good and mend, give things a new life. The trend saved many items from landfill and inspired people to … Read more

Give a boat a new life

If like the Founder and CEO, Jo and our CTO Stephen you have boats and boat bits knocking about why not give them a new life out of the water? If it is a new kid bed you are looking to make these two maybe will spark some ideas. I think probably they are … Read more

Beer, the pub and upcycling what’s not to love?

A great British pass time is visiting the local pub. Our local has been the life blood of our village. They have delivered food to vulnerable, self-isolating and shielding people day in and day out – and they make a mean sausage roll! Now that we can again, visit our locals I know that the … Read more

Get Busy with these Upcycling Ideas from team #Gorumage!

With time still on my hands there are some house projects I want to get on with. I’ve been collecting ideas from some very inspirational people and thought you might like to hear about what I’ve found. From the simple to the more advanced. Upcycle Dream Designs on Facebook have lots of ideas. They are … Read more

Summer is here! Let’s make the most of it!

Schools out and we have no idea what the weather will throw at us. We are all praying for some more sunshine and blue sky days but it is the school holidays so Mother Nature could throw anything at us! So we need to get our heads round indoor and outdoor ideas to keep the … Read more