Cautious COVID Shopping Rumage can help

We are opening up as a country. Some school years are back (with more year groups to follow as schools get to grips with larger numbers), support bubbles are being built, more and more shops are throwing their doors open to us.

Then there is the 4th of July news. From 4th July the bubbles can get bigger (you can stay over as well) and the restaurants, pubs, cinemas, hotels, and campsites will be able to open.

There will also be the welcome opening of spaces that communities have been missing – libraries, community centres, places of worship, outdoor playgrounds and outdoor gyms – they will be all be open. Weddings are back on with up to 30 guests – all this helps us feel normal and allows us to celebrate with loved ones.  

But still worried?

I know I am. Even though we know that we need to socially distance, having seen the news and witnessed the mass gatherings on beaches, parks and beauty spots, will I be going to a shop any time soon?

You can still shop safely from your own home, there is an online solution for just about everything. But there are some of us that are trying to make ends meet after a difficult time when we’ve been working less hours but still have many of the same outgoings.

Here are a few clothes picks from the Rumage team on where to shop for less and stay safe:

Thrift+ –  founded to give charity shoppers the same quality shopping experience as regular shoppers by bringing online charity shopping up to the same level as Amazon and Asos and doing good as they go. Thrift+ gives 160,000 charities in the UK the ability to raise funds from our unwanted clothes!

Re-fashion – have also moved charity shop, shopping online. Re-Fashion wants to make charity shops brilliant. The team there has a heritage in charity retail and so understand that great shops lead to better donations – leading to charities getting more money. Why not be able to do this online?

Sweetpea Preloved feature top quality, affordable new and preloved clothing from high street to designer labels. Covering newborns up to 12 year olds at a fraction of retail prices. And more than that they are as Eco-friendly as you can be – orders arrive in a brown paper parcels, all their stickers are made from recycled material and the stationary is from sustainable forests. Green is as green does?!

Lloopster is here for you, if you are concerned about our throw-away culture. These guys are all over it. They help you, your kids and the environment. It’s another online second-hand shop that gives to charity. Lloopster works with TRIAD as a partner. TRIAD have raised over £3M to support projects from improving social and environmental conditions in the textile industry to removing children from bonded and forced labour and much more.

We hope you found some inspiration here to help you safely shop second hand from home – from the web to your door – making second hand your first choice!

From Jo Spolton for Rumage

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