Planet friendly beauty without the negative impact

Sadly notorious for its negative impact on the planet, the cosmetics industry contributes to pollution and drains natural resources in multiple ways and by carrying on purchasing the usual. Consumers are adding to the negative impact on the planet. There’s a long way to go but change is afoot. Many brands and buyers of beauty are making sustainable, eco-friendly moves that can make a big difference overall. In 2018 120 billion units of packaging are produced every year by the global cosmetics industry. Much of which was not recyclable. Of course, packaging isn’t the only thing that makes a product circular or conscious. Factors like production methods, clean energy, harvesting techniques, and ingredient sourcing all play into a mission to improve wasteful or unethical practices.

In 2020, carbon emissions fell by 17% at their peak, but the overall effect on concentrations has been very small. Beauty products can really to impact on the environment. From what they are made of to how disposable and biodegradable they are, so we’ve been doing a little hunt about for some ideas. Here is what we have found:

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