It’s summer 2021 and we want to have a Garden Party!

Why not have a garden party? Here are some Rumage ideas to get you in the mood for the summer holidays – even inviting a guest or two! If you fancy having a garden party there are lots of ideas to help you think about how best to decorate your garden. You can scale up … Read more

Pump up the personality from pre-loved treasures

You can use Rumage to find that one pre-loved gem to add personality to your home. It will take a little effort to find just the right thing. But, it brings joy when you do find it and you turn it into something that’s just perfect for the space you want to fill. Be open-minded … Read more

Do your bit NOW! Understand buying & selling second-hand

Some of us haven’t appreciated the art of shopping second hand and the thought of buying something used, for some, can be off-putting. Often, we associate people who shop second hand, with people who have very little money. And, some of us just like things fresh out of the packaging, sparkly and new. However, this … Read more

Rumage – a labour of love and a way of life

I met Jo at her art exhibition more years ago that I shall admit to, introduced by another friend I had no idea where this union would lead. I was new to a community, kids were a future project – life was good, life was one big party. Leaving the big smoke to start a … Read more