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The success of upcyclers is how they navigate current trends and adapt. It all seemed to start with shabby chic which though it is less popular now it started people on the journey back to make good and mend, give things a new life. The trend saved many items from landfill. It inspired people to learn a new skill and get creative bringing the best out of old things, making them beautiful and unique.

Learning a new skill is good for the soul

Once you have the basic skills you can share them with others. If the rain keeps falling in August we can teach the little ones a fun skill that is not all about instant gratification but working and crafting to make a one-off product. You can use to find that unique piece to give your own twist to!

Now more than ever it’s easier to upcycle because of the products on offer. It used to take an age to upcycle a simple wooden chair with all the sanding and prep it would take before you started painting. But now the new chalk paints from companies like Frenchic who have a brilliant lazy range there is minimum prep to get great  results.

Take a course and meet new people

There are courses at Craft Courses to help you get started and many blogs for inspiration from to

Rumage little light reading list

Here are some books that can help stimulate ideas if you want to give it a go, get ideas or just kick back and see what others have done. Some are about using things that often get ditched like old pallets.

And others cover many different skills

The great things about upcycling is saving items from landfill. Trying new things to keep creativity alive and giving items a new lease of life. Make them beautiful and know that they are one of a kind! Why not have a go and I’m sure that friends and family will be impressed!

Use Rumage to Tool yourself up

The tools needed to upcycle don’t need to cost the earth. Once you have them you are bound to be bitten by the bug! You can find lots on Rumage. Upcycling tools are the gift that keeps on giving! They are much more affordable than they used to be. If you treat them in the same way as the DIY toolbox they take on a new role in the home. So, by the time you’ve upcycled a couple of bits, the investment had paid for itself.

You can further top up your income by renting out items you already own or rent the ones you only need every now and then. Research by RentMy shows it’s eco-friendly to rent. The more we rent, the less carbon is produced from manufacturing and shipping.

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