Why Rumage?

As I look at the mirror and notice the artex toothpaste spatters, I often ask why did I start this journey? Why would a busy mum, an artist with too many dogs and afterschool clubs want to make life even busier? The answer is simple, I didn’t choose it exactly, it was simply the obvious thing to do.

Kids cost

When my kids were small I realised quite quickly how having kids for a lot of people is a right of passage but not necessarily an easy one. They are REALLY EXPENSIVE! Being given clothes, a pram, toys and all the never ending and rapidly outgrown clobber that seems to go with kids these days was not just lovely and generous, but a life saver. 

It struck me that not only was it great to save money, but I wasn’t driving demand for more plastic products, and I wasn’t spending what precious time I had (outside of the nerve wracking job of looking after small people), shopping for things with a short lifespan.  

This is the heart of Rumage.

It helps you save cash, time and the planet in one go.

Join NOW! Join us on the second hand journey.

The last few years have seen an increasing awareness of the benefits of second hand, both to pockets and the planet. Our kids are more conscious now than any generation before them, of our world as a whole; an interwoven system, where one person’s choices actually can contribute to large scale change. The Covid crisis has magnified how individual actions (or fewer in this case) have had a mahoosive effect on the climate in a very short space of time.  

I believe the conclusion we are coming to very quickly, is that we all need to join the circular economy in as many areas of our lives as we can. The Bob the Builder mantra, “reduce, reuse recycle” started my kids off on the right road when they were tiny and they are now keen advocates of buying second hand if possible and if not, then as green as possible.

A simple idea – often a good idea

Rumage.com is a simple idea, we find what you want, where you want it.  We look for you in more places than you have time to, and some that you didn’t even know about! and we keep looking until you say stop.

You too can be green, shop with a conscience and join the gang who will turn the tide on landfill, greenhouse gases, plastic production, forest removal and sea life depletion.

Together, with small actions we can give our children the world they should grow into.

Article from Rumage Founder and CEO – Jo Spolton

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