Meet the founder of Rumage, find out what motivated her to step outside of her comfort zone!

There are now so many places to look for used items that it’s often overwhelming; where to go to be that “savvy shopper” who has revamped their house, saving both money and the planet with one conscience consumer decision?

Rumage gives you a wider choice, with less effort, placing it all in the palm of your hand, making second-hand first choice!

Everyone is increasingly aware of how much we make and consume. The planet is now unable to cope with our disposable lifestyle. If action isn’t taken then ¼ of our total impact on climate change will be due to just clothes consumption by 2050 (Harrabin 2018) and 22 million items of furniture end up in landfill every year in the UK.

We exist to help you shop with a conscience. We take the leg work out of looking so you can be green and get off your screens. We will search all the sites we are linked to, for you, sending you updated results as soon as something matches your criteria, letting you do something fun instead! Rumage is all about the Circular Economy.