Why second-hand makes sense these days

There are certainly some great reasons to buy more second-hand, above just saving money. There is a positive impact on the environment – you are extending the life-cycle of a product which puts less strain on the environment as it helps slow down the rate of excessive consumption, which means less waste and emissions.

It’s in your hands to make the world a better one for all – Nelson Mandela

Along-side buying and passing on second-hand items recycling helps with reducing environmental damage. We don’t have to mine and quarry for more metals if we recycle as much as possible which means saving energy (and money).

Think before we buy new! Second hand as the first choice

Make a difference for the future generations

Making new things from raw resources takes up a lot of energy. Recycling old materials requires far less energy. For example the metal for a drink can has to be dug from the ground, get transported to a processing plant where it’s turned into useful metals, then taken sometimes thousands of miles to the factory where it is finally turned into a can. If we recycle old cans it cuts out much of the processing and uses a fraction of the energy.

Make a difference for the future generations by doing something that is important right now – including making second-hand your first choice. This can really help.

1.When shopping second-hand you help avoid landfill. Over 22M pieces of furniture are thrown into land fill in the UK every year. Instead of generating waste, shopping second-hand helps create a circular economy of re-distributing “would-be” discarded products and giving them a new life.

2.Second-hand extends the life-cycle of a product which puts less strain on the environment. Extending the life-cycle of products slows down the rate of excessive consumption, which means less waste and emissions.

Give Upcycling a go!

3. If you love to find second-hand treasures then why not give Upcycling a go you and tap into your creative side to breathe new life into preloved items?

4. Second-hand is undeniably more affordable than buying new. That’s why many of us shop second-hand. But, the truth is some things are just as good or possibly even better the second time round.

Recycling or upcycling old items rather than buying new ones helps preserve raw materials, whilst simultaneously saving money and reducing waste. Everyone wins!

The good news is even in lock-down we can get hold of some second-hand treasures online. Try our FREE to use second-hand search service to get more results locally… Give us a try at rumage.com and tell us what you find!

Ultimately, shopping pre loved means that we’re more resourceful as a society. You can sell-on or give items away making sure others can make use of things you no longer need. Keep searching second-hand, save money, be greener and enjoy the feeling of finding just what you need without the planet overload.

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