Why do I need to enter a postcode?

We need to base our search around a physical location and a postcode enables us to work with all of our diverse, second hand sources.

Are all the items second hand?

Some of the websites we link to offer both new and second hand items. From these we only collect the second hand results for you.

Why do I have some items in my results that don’t match my search?

We do our best to serve you exactly what you are looking for, but this accuracy is only ever as good as the information fed to us. Sometimes this randomness can provide a smile on a rainy day, so while we are working on this we hope you choose to enjoy looking at chickens and Jethro Tull albums when you typed in “rocking horse”!

What does National delivery mean and does it apply to all the sites we search across?

We have the ability to deliver you items that can be posted from Ebay from a national search, or collection and postal results within your location radius. This option at the moment only applies to Ebay. We are constantly tweaking our service as we grow and as more websites come on stream.

Why have some results appeared twice?

If you have two or more locations for us to search around and if there is a geographical overlap between them an item that is in both areas may appear twice! We are working on this.

Why am I not getting any alerts through?

We only send email alerts when we spot ‘new’ secondhand items. If you’re not getting the alerts you expect, try increasing the search radius, making your search term more general or adding more locations for us to search around. Sometimes our alert emails may land in your junk folder, if this happens please unjunk us (!)

What do I do if my search is nearly ending and I have not found what I want yet?

Log back in and go again. We will happily do the legwork for you again!

Do I pay for  the items I want through Rumage?

No, we don’t take payment for your items on our site, we simply show you what’s on offer and enable you to find what you need without the hassle of searching all the sites individually. All transactions happen outside of Rumage.

Can I delete my account?

Yes you can delete your account by contacting us at contact@www.rumage.com with the email you registered with, then we can remove your email address and any search alert details we have attached to your account.

6 thoughts on “FAQs”

  1. It won’t let me change the location to near me from national. Kept putting my address in to no avail

    • Hi there Helen
      have you added an email address? If you sign up with an email (still free to use) you can add locations to make it more local to you. Any issues with that please email us at hello@www.rumage.com and we will get tech to look into it. If you sign up you can still opt out of being contacted with newsletters and updates.


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