Let’s turn Black Friday Pink!

We’re launching the antidote to Black Friday. We’re calling it Pink Friday. We want people to think second hand first because it’s the cheaper, more sustainable, environmentally responsible option. And Black Friday is one of the biggest buy new and worry-about-it-tomorrow consumer moments around.

The world needs Black Friday like it needs a hole in the ozone layer’

‘Manufacture is the most carbon intensive part of any product. Fashion contributes 10% of global carbon. 80% of the carbon footprint of a smartphone is created during the production process, and that doesn’t account for all the precious metals mined and used in manufacture – or the human cost. And when you think that only 16% of e-waste is ever recycled, with the rest going into landfill or languishing in a drawer somewhere, always buying new doesn’t look that great.’

Jo Spolton, CEO Rumage

We’re calling it out!

The problem is Black Friday keeps getting bigger. It’s lasting a month, it’s online and it’s in the shops and it’s not just tech anymore – everyone is getting a piece of the action. And as an example of unbridled consumerism there’s nothing to beat it. Marketing companies spend a fortune promoting it. And we don’t seem to mind. Consumers in the UK alone spent a total of £8.7Bn over the course of Black Friday in 2022, of which £4.81 billion was spent online. But at what cost?

What the world needs is Pink Friday!

There are great big PINK deals to be had second hand: refurbished tech, hardly worn designer clothes, out of the box tools, or kids toys someone else’s kid has grown out of. Buying second hand means that ‘Consumers’ can still grab a bargain – it’s just not costing the earth! You save resources being mined, new plastic being made, huge amounts of energy being expended, you save super-tankers sailing across the sea and all the carbon being burned at every stage.


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