Step up, buy second-hand, recycle or reuse

The world is waking up: concern about the environmental and ethical costs of the consumer goods industry worldwide, the need to recycle and reuse, and the impact of dealing with waste are common threads across many conversations. Buying second-hand isn’t the same as protesting on the streets, but it’s a demonstration none the less. As … Read more

When used kids stuff is easy, budgeting is easy

As a mum I know the clothes my kids get through. There are the shoes that are in perfectly good nick but they’ve grown out of them. Then the bikes that are too small and the toys that go out of favour. Buying everything new makes no sense when you have kids. And the same … Read more

We’ve made buying pre-loved as easy as falling off a log

I know buying pre-loved can be a chore. Finding the right thing, bidding at the right time, how do you know where the thing you want is? Which websites to search? The best deal may be listed on Shpock, but you’ve got Ebay and Gumtree bookmarked. How many sites can you keep tabs on? So … Read more

Why Rumage for second-hand?

There are now so many places to look for second-hand items that it’s often overwhelming. Where to go when you want to save both money and the planet with one conscience consumer decision? Meet Jo, our founder, and find out why she started I started on my kitchen table back in 2019 because I … Read more

It’s summer – time for a Garden Party!

Why not have a garden party? Here are some Rumage ideas to get you in the mood for the summer holidays! If you fancy having a garden party there are lots of ideas to help you. Think about how best to decorate your garden or re-style your garden furniture. You can scale up or down … Read more

refurbished or reconditioned mobile phone buyers Guide

person using android smartphone

If you go for a reconditioned mobile phone you can make your money go further. It might not be the latest model but knowing what you need it for probably means that an older model would be just fine. If you want the latest model phone, then you’re going to have to pay more but … Read more

secondhand bikes, a buyers guide!

Bikes are never just for kids, every age can enjoy the feel good factor of pedalling rather than “petroling” somewhere. As the number of UK cyclists keeps rising, so do the numbers of used bikes being bought and sold. Whether it’s a bicycle for bombing round the jump park or trundling with a toddler to … Read more

secondhand garden furniture buyers guide

Even when buying second-hand garden furniture, the right material is worth considering as it will determine how durable the furniture is, what its likely condition is and how long it will last you. Garden furniture can make your outdoor space, from an entertaining zone to a relaxing oasis on a patio. Just like an indoor space … Read more

secondhand furniture buyers guide

modern room interior with shiny lamp in house

If you are dreaming of updating the décor or moving into a new space don’t let a small decorating budget get in the way. There might be key pieces that you want to splash out on but if you want something that is unique and just right for you, hunting for second-hand furniture could be … Read more

buying a refurbished or secondhand laptop

computers cup desk gadgets

If you want a great laptop but can’t afford one there are deals to be had on refurbished and second-hand laptops. If you go for a second-hand laptop or reconditioned laptop you can make your money go further. It might not be the latest model but knowing what you need it for probably means that … Read more