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Looking after our oceans

National Marine Week starts on 27th July and runs till 11th August. National Marine Week is an opportunity to celebrate and appreciate the wonderful wildlife we have here in our seas. We have only explored 5% of our oceans, so who knows what other marine life is out there yet to be discovered!  There are … Read more

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Plastic Free July® 2024

June is when many people start preparing for Plastic Free July®. Whether you’re getting together a reusable kit or looking for places to buy unpackaged produce or bulk foods, now’s the time to get ready to choose to refuse single-use plastic. Small steps now will add up to make big changes during July! Join 100+ million … Read more

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Festival fun without the planet overload

As a nation we are renowned for our fantastically varied festival culture. Catering to every taste and interest, from world-famous music festivals like Glastonbury and Reading to cultural celebrations like Edinburgh Festival Fringe, our festival scene is as diverse as it is dynamic. Families can get their kids vibing at Camp Bestival, or jousting at … Read more

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The similarities between circular consumption and Re Wilding

Rewilding guest blog by Jon Conradi. Founder of Wild Mosaic – the Re Wilding project talks all about it…. The principles of the circular economy were adopted from natural processes. What is discarded by one part of the system is sought after by another. But these natural processes are often missing from our land, even … Read more

Creating a second hand office space

We, like countless others across the UK started working from home during the Covid lockdown. We gave up our office in the heart of Edinburgh and speedily transformed our box room into a makeshift office.We were fortunate to have a small space in the house to dedicate to working. During the pandemic many worked from … Read more

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Random Acts of Kindness Day – A Celebration

Studies have shown that acts of kindness are linked to increased feelings of wellbeing. Helping others can also lead to better relationships which improves our own self-esteem. Yet it’s understandable that in today’s busy society, we don’t always have time to think about our actions and what they mean to ourselves and others. Random Acts … Read more

National DIY Day

On April 2nd it’s all about getting the job done yourself. It’s National DIY Day! “Do it yourself,” or D.I.Y., is the act of creatively handling tasks you would usually hire someone to do. There are so many tasks you can turn your hand to. And, it’s great to feel that sense of accomplishment when … Read more

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Renovation Projects

Starting any renovation project can be an exciting but complex undertaking. Big ones, small ones all need planning. Here’s some things to start thinking about. Be clear on what Renovation you’re undertaking Clearly define what you want to achieve with the project. Are you looking to increase space, update aesthetics, improve functionality, or a mix … Read more

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Big Energy Saving Week – Save money and the planet

The rising cost of energy, alongside the impact of excessive energy consumption on the environment, has been a hot topic for some time. That’s why initiatives such as the Big Energy Saving Week have been set up. This week-long event encourages people to take control of their energy usage and make informed decisions about their … Read more

Baby at home!

Having your first baby is an exciting time. All the books will tell you about the things that you are going to need. And guess what? It all ads up. But, remember they DO grow up so fast. And there are loads of things that you can get nearly new second hand. And things you … Read more