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How to beat the winter blues by having fun outdoors

It can be tempting to stay inside for days on end when it is cold and a bit dull outside. But even when the sun isn’t shining beat the winter blues by being out in the fresh air and daylight. It’s good for our health. It can also promote better sleep as it aids our … Read more

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Unwanted Christmas Gifts?

Unwanted Christmas gifts can be passed on. We don’t list items to sell on but we do connect to over 20 marketplaces where people sell items. This means that our twenty thousand monthly visitors get lists from all the sites we are linked to in one go meaning that we can put seller and … Read more

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Sustainable habits to embrace for the year ahead

While New Year’s resolutions can be a bit of a bind, they don’t have to be a big commitment or a declaration of a total change. For those who want to focus on being greener for the year ahead, it’s much better to look at simple changes that will be easier to stick to – … Read more

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How to plan a sustainable Christmas dinner

Christmas is a time for enjoyment, eating drinking, relaxing and having fun. Of course, Christmas dinner is a highlight for many. And for those of us who like to think green, there are some simple changes we can make to our buying and cooking habits to keep us on the sustainable track. Here’s how to … Read more

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Eco friendly wrapping! How to better wrap presents

If you’re keen to keep your eco-credentials high this festive season, it’s not just what you gift that can help. Once you’ve chosen your sustainable present, there are ways to wrap it that are kinder to the planet. Eco friendly wrapping is easier than you think. Here are our ideas on wrapping gifts so they … Read more

Top up your income by renting stuff you already own!

Guest blog from RentMy! Looking to top up your income or just make some extra cash in time for Christmas? We bet you haven’t thought about using the stuff you’ve already got at home! By renting out the things you already own, it doesn’t cost you a penny, but the potential for earning is huge… … Read more

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Is it okay to give second hand Christmas gifts?

The drive for sustainability can often be pushed to one side at Christmas, when consumerism peaks. Even the greenest of us still love to give presents at Christmas and buying second hand Christmas gifts is one way to keep to our morals. But is it okay to give pre-loved Christmas gifts? It seems that a … Read more

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Vintage Clothes Last Longer! FACT!

A quarter of the clothes in our wardrobes haven’t been worn in a year. A survey by environmental group WRAP estimates that the UK’s wardrobes hold 1.6 billion of unworn garments. Interestingly though it also found that when we buy preloved and second hand vintage items, we tend to keep them longer than those we … Read more

Do It Yourself. It’s all in the preparation

Do you love spending time saving cash? One way to make the most of what you have and improve or upgrade your home is by doing it yourself. It’s great to feel that sense of accomplishment when you have completed a job.  It may not come naturally to everyone to pick up a drill and … Read more

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Thrifting is a way of life for some

It goes without saying that people are looking for more ways to save money with the spiralling cost of living.  Thrifting is now a word that we use regularly. The thrifting act has grown in popularity with more and more second hand sites popping up as well as big brands selling on preloved goods. From … Read more