Have A Very Merry Little Eco Christmas In 2021

At Rumage we are passionate about second-hand and are making sure that this Christmas our gift buying is sustainable or pre-used. So, this year can we shop better over Christmas and make a difference? We’ve been hunting about for some interesting gift ideas that won’t cost the earth! Here are a few the Rumage team … Read more

Let’s look for the untapped joy in life!

Well it goes without saying that life has been interesting over the last 18 months. And, that we are sick of saying that and talking about the pandemic. All of us have been on our own journey and no two have been alike.  Where there was once light-heartedness there has been sorrow. Where there was … Read more

Find out why Rumage is passionate about the Circular Economy

The 2Hand App exists to help you shop with a conscience. We take the leg work out of looking so you can be green and get off your screens. We will search all the 13 sites we are linked to, for you, sending you updated results as soon as something matches your criteria, letting you do something fun instead.

Nifty hints and tips on how to buy second-hand

Let’s look at why we buy and sell second-hand. It could be you like scoring a bargain or that you want to do your bit for the environment? If this is true, then second-hand buying is for you! By buying pre-loved items you will be helping to reduce landfill waste and lessen the load on … Read more

Saving the planet changes you can make at home

The climate crisis is still a big issue and getting to grips with this could not be more imperative than it is now because the atmosphere’s CO2 levels still rose in 2020 despite round the globe lock-downs due to Covod-19. Upcycling is a great de-stressing hobby and lots of fun can be had renovating something old, … Read more


Stay ahead of the curve and upgrade so we can do the leg work for you! Looking for a few things at once? Then subscribe with us to get even more alerts across even more locations. Let us do the legwork so you stay at the front of the queue, receive multiple alerts each day … Read more

Pump up the personality from pre-loved treasures

You can use Rumage to find that one pre-loved gem to add personality to your home. It will take a little effort to find just the right thing. But, it brings joy when you do find it and you turn it into something that’s just perfect for the space you want to fill. Be open-minded … Read more

Planet friendly beauty without the negative impact on the environment

Sadly notorious for its negative impact on the environment, the cosmetics industry contributes to pollution and drains natural resources in multiple ways and by carrying on purchasing the usual – consumers are adding to the problem. There’s a long way to go but change is afoot, with many brands and buyers of beauty making sustainable, … Read more