Secondhand bikes, a buyers guide!

Bikes are never just for kids, every age can enjoy the feel good factor of pedaling rather than “petroling” somewhere. As the number of UK cyclists keeps rising, so do the numbers of used bikes being bought and sold. Whether it’s a bicycle for bombing round the jump park or trundling with a toddler to … Read more

secondhand garden furniture buyers guide

Even when buying secondhand garden furniture, the right material is worth considering as it will determine how durable the furniture is, what its likely condition is and how long it will last you. Garden furniture can make your outdoor space, from an entertaining zone to a relaxing oasis on a patio. Just like an indoor space … Read more

modern room interior with shiny lamp in house

second-hand furniture buyers guide

If you are dreaming of updating the décor or moving into a new space don’t let a small decorating budget get in the way. There might be key pieces that you want to splash out on but if you want something that is unique and just right for you, hunting for second-hand furniture could be … Read more

computers cup desk gadgets

refurbished or secondhand laptop buyer’s guide

Want a great laptop but can’t afford one! There are deals to be had on a second-hand laptop. If you go for a secondhand laptop or reconditioned laptop you can make your money go further. Maybe not be the latest model but knowing what you need it for means that an older model may do. … Read more

gagdets on wooden surface

Second-hand electronics buyers guide

Shopping for second-hand electronics can offer up an amazing deal. Consumer technology is moving at such a pace and the pandemic has only sped that up. Now there are lots of people trading up from old devices and hardware to new models because they like the next shiny thing. The good news is that this … Read more

the real cost of your mobile

There are about 5 billion people across the planet who use a mobile these days. These pocket-sized comms devices and other tech are some of the biggest emissions offenders. Research by McMaster University in Canada found that greenhouse gases produced by the Information and Communications (ICT) industry could account for 14 percent of global emissions by … Read more

the secondhand clothing industry could be a life saver!

Not only is there a hugely positive social and environmental impact to buying second-hand clothing, you can create your own style for less. Shopping this way saves you cash as well as reducing carbon emissions, water usage and energy. It prevents items ending up in landfill or incinerators. Excitingly, the second-hand clothing industry has been … Read more

DIY – it’s all in the preparation

Do you love spending time saving cash? One way to make the most of what you have and improve or upgrade your home is by doing it yourself. It’s great to feel that sense of accomplishment when you have completed a job.  It may not come naturally to everyone to pick up a drill and … Read more

Kids – They grow so fast, let’s use second-hand to help

As a parent I am still staggered about how fast kids grow. It seems that overnight nothing fits and the school uniform looks like they are expecting the floods. I try to shop ahead and predict the growth spurt to manage the shoe size, trouser length windows! Whenever my kids grow out of stuff, we … Read more

Want to start a treasure trove of antiques?

Antiques have always been in, vintage is very in and very now, and we can count on the fact that old stuff will always have value. Shopping for it, on the other hand, can be weirdly uninviting. Can I really head into an Antique shop when I don’t really know what exactly should I be buying? Yes … Read more