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Reducing plastic in your kitchen – some easy steps

Read our Guest Blog from about reducing our use of plastic as an important step in being kinder to the planet. Plastic needs a huge amount of energy and resources to be produced. This has a massive carbon footprint. What is also worrying is that recycling plastic is highly inefficient. In fact, less than 10% … Read more

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5 ways to spruce up your garden with second hand finds

When the sun is shining, we no doubt want to enjoy our gardens or outside space. After the colder winter months, our outdoor areas can sometimes need a bit of a spruce up. But why pay more than you need to, when you can liven up your garden with some great second-hand finds? And remember, … Read more

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Refresh your summer wardrobe on a budget

(While helping the planet) The summer months sometimes creep up on us and the warmer weather can take us all by surprise. So it’s not uncommon to find that your wardrobe needs a bit of a refresh when (fingers crossed) the sun makes an appearance. Why not give second-hand a go when refreshing your wardrobe … Read more

Beagle Button, When only new will do!

At Rumage we believe that nothing beats that warm and fuzzy feeling you get inside when you’ve done something great for the planet. Repairing an item and giving it a new life is a great skill and a wonderful feeling. That’s why we are on a mission to help our planet and the people in … Read more

Plastic Free July … Are you up for the 2022 challenge?

Plastic Free July® is a Global movement started by the founder of the Plastic Free Foundation, Rebecca Prince-Ruiz. Plastic free July is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution. This is all so we can have cleaner streets, oceans, and beautiful communities. Will you be part … Read more

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Second-Hand Camera Buyer’s Guide

Our new second-hand camera buyer’s guide is out now. We share top tips on buying second-hand cameras, lenses and gear. The guide covers some of the things to look out for. From shutter count, key questions to ask to a few golden rules. For example DSLR sensors are easy to damage when lenses are changed in … Read more

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Time to get back to make do and mend?

70 years is a long time. What was living like when the queen took the throne? The world and how people live in it has changed at an incredible rate. For a start there was no internet, certainly no mobile phones and actual shops were the destination to buy everything. Imagine!  It took more effort … Read more

Step up, buy second-hand recycle or reuse

The world is waking up: concern about the environmental and ethical costs of the consumer goods industry worldwide, the need to recycle and reuse, and the impact of dealing with waste are common threads across many conversations. Buying second-hand isn’t the same as protesting on the streets, but it’s a demonstration none the less. As … Read more

When used kids stuff is easy, budgeting is easy

As a mum I know the clothes my kids get through. There are the shoes that are in perfectly good nick but they’ve grown out of them. Then the bikes that are too small and the toys that go out of favour. Buying everything new makes no sense when you have kids. And the same … Read more

We’ve made buying pre-loved as easy as falling off a log

I know buying pre-loved can be a chore. Finding the right thing, bidding at the right time, how do you know where the thing you want is? Which websites to search? The best deal may be listed on Shpock, but you’ve got Ebay and Gumtree bookmarked. How many sites can you keep tabs on? So … Read more