Unwanted Christmas Gifts?

Unwanted Christmas gifts can be passed on. We don’t list items to sell on Rumage.com but we do connect to many marketplaces where people sell items. This means that our twenty thousand monthly visitors get lists from all the sites we are linked to in one go meaning that we can put seller and buyer together swiftly. If you have a few unwanted Christmas gifts, there are a few ways to pass them on:

Re-gift to someone you love

You might not want it but there will be people you know who will! Times are hard and there is no stigma in passing on a gift you don’t need to someone who does want it. Save it for when the next persons birthday comes up and wrap it beautifully for the big day. Make sure that the gift is perfect for them. Noone wants a rubbish gift.

Pass it onto someone you don’t know

person holding a gift with ribbon
Photo by Antoni Shkraba on Pexels.com

Sites like Facebook Marketplace, Freecycle, Gumtree and Freegle allow you to pass on items to people in your area to come and collect. Or, if you have a space at the front of your home then you can pop items out on a dry day with a sign saying ‘Free to a good home’.

Give it to Charity

Fresh out the box and sold in a charity shop means you will be doing someone a good turn. If you don’t want to sell it yourself, make sure you support a local charity and community. Now more than ever charity shops are helping those who are struggling. So you can feel great about passing on good as new items.

Sell it!

Christmas gifts can be sold on as boxed and new on the many marketplaces. Ebay is still popular, but it does depend on what you are selling. Choose the site that makes the most sense! Have a look on Rumage at the items you have to sell to find out where is best to list it. Our Founder, Jo, wrote about how to sell well online in ‘The side hustle of selling second hand’.

Rent it

If the item could be useful but not all the time, think about renting it. You could list it for rental and then make a little money on the side. Sites like Rentmy.com are perfect and always looking for renters and rentees!

And if you want to find a ‘fresh out the box’ unwanted gift then pop a search into Rumage. Next set up an alert to make sure you get all listings from all the sites we are connected to, right to your inbox!

Happy Rummaging!

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