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Rumage is a UK based start-up launched in 2018 as 2Hand. The concept is as a second-hand marketplace aggregation platform. Since launching other entrants have joined the game. With the securing of funding after showing real growth and potential rebranded in 2021. We believe that our position as first to market and our investment in advanced search technology sets as market leaders.

‘The tide is turning now on reusing things. Consumers are more powerful than they realise; if we all change our habits then the economic models will change from the ground up. Our goal with is to make it possible for everyone to join the circular economy as well as save money’
Jo Spolton, Co-Founder & CEO Rumage. 

Jo Spolton, CEO Rumage

One time professional sailor, Jo has seen the impact of our disposable lifestyle close to. Rubbish stuck in tidal eddies, plastic in the seas, waste along coastlines. And travelling the world she’s experienced countries where nothing gets thrown away because materials are precious. Jo’s vision is to keep the reuse, recycle wheel turning by making second hand a viable first choice. By making it easy we will saving people money – especially important now – and save resources from landfill, the depletion of natural resources in manufacture, the burning of fuels in transportation around the globe.  Jo is on a mission to make second hand first choice, and to make buying second hand, not just about grabbing a bargain, but a small way we can all do our bit to combat climate change.

Sam Turner – CMO Co-Founder
Sam set up Rumage with Jo back in 2018. With a background in marketing and business, Sam is able to bring robust business acumen, aligned to her deep environmental beliefs.  Like Jo, Sam is a busy mum and the frustration of finding second hand bargains across multiple websites  is what led to Rumage being born.

Stephen Homan-Berry – CTO Co-Founder
As chief technical officer Stephen’s experience in bringing new tech. solutions to market is one of the driving forces behind Rumage. Stephen manages delivery of our tech. team while aiming to “rewire a little bit of the economy so there’s less waste.”

Anthony Basker – Advisor
Anthony is the technical innovator of the team. “I create, scale and optimise solutions by focusing on key results, building amazing tech and quickly adapting to new insights.” Anthony comes with a solid tech background scaling product and systems with Nuffield Health, the NHS.

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Contact: Sam Turner 07970625485  

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2Hand Ltd t/a Rumage. 5b Sunrise Business Park, Higher Shaftesbury Road, Blandford Forum, DT11 8ST