Celebrate Halloween in second hand style 

Halloween can be a lot of fun and more families are embracing the opportunity for some spooky celebrations. Before you know it, costs can mount up if you’re buying decorations and other items to get into the spirit (no pun intended) of things. Here are some ways to celebrate Halloween in second hand style. Costumes … Read more

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Recycling – 5 surprising things you can recycle

Recycling is becoming a bigger part of our everyday lives. We have dedicated recycling bins at home and also in many places when we are out. But there’s still a lot of room for improvement to ensure we do more for the environment. How well is the UK doing? Did you know that the average … Read more

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Celebrating Second Hand September

At Rumage.com we love second hand, which is why we are so excited that it is Second Hand September. This fantastic campaign encourages all of us to only buy pre-loved items for the 30 days of September. Started by Oxfam, this month shouts about the benefits of second hand; reducing the negative impact of fast … Read more

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5 reasons to buy second hand clothes 

As champions of the pre-loved, at Rumage we couldn’t let National Second Hand Wardrobe Day pass us by. This great day celebrates second-hand clothes, and tries to reduce some of the stigma that sadly still exists about used items. In support of this brilliant awareness-raising day, here are five reasons to buy second-hand clothes. 1. … Read more

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Back to School Eco friendly ideas for the new school year

It’s back to school in matter of weeks! The start of the new school year can be an expensive time. It’s also easy to fall into habits that aren’t great for the environment. We’ve compiled a list of handy tips that, with a little bit of planning, will keep your eco-creds high. They should save … Read more

Wellbeing Show – Liz Earle and Jo Spolton Chat!

Buying second hand for the planet and our wellbeing, with Jo Spolton Liz and Jo share staggering statistics on the impact of waste on our planet, the wellbeing benefits of buying second hand, and how we can all consume more sustainably. Did you know that 22 million items of furniture end up in landfill in … Read more

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How to have a stylish staycation without breaking the bank

It’s never been more attractive to stay put for the summer and make the most of the country you live in. From flight cancellations to ferry terminal delays and spiraling costs of petrol, there are lots of reasons to enjoy a staycation. If you’re on a budget, there are still plenty of ways to have … Read more

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environmentally-friendly beach bag. How to pack.

The school holidays are the ideal time to hit the beach for a day trip or an extended break. There’s sometimes nothing better than taking in the sea airs and enjoying the sandy shores to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Of course, it’s also important that our oceans and beaches are protected as much as possible, … Read more

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How to have a secondhand camping experience

What kind of camper are you? Are you new to camping? Try secondhand camping as a place to start. Camping is more popular than ever with on-site, wild, glamping and festival camping options. With overseas travel being difficult and too expensive for many getting your camping head on can save you lots and be a … Read more

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Reducing plastic in your kitchen – some easy steps

Read our Guest Blog from infullflavour.com about reducing our use of plastic as an important step in being kinder to the planet. Plastic needs a huge amount of energy and resources to be produced. This has a massive carbon footprint. What is also worrying is that recycling plastic is highly inefficient. In fact, less than 10% … Read more