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Do something wonderful with the things you don’t need!

Guest Blog from Cathy at A Good Thing CIC.

It’s time to think differently about the ‘things’ in our lives. It’s no longer enough to simply recycle, and of course there are plenty of things that are just too complicated to recycle, in any case. Things are moving fast, and the concept of the “circular economy” is growing. It was a huge driver behind my desire and my husband Richard’s to set up A Good Thing CIC in 2020. We had seen how easy it can be to make a huge difference by rehoming something that’s no longer needed.

A Good Thing is an online platform that connects charities right across the UK with businesses that have ‘stuff’ to give away.

Many consumers have been working hard to give things away for many years already. I’ve been an avid Freegle and Freecycle user for a long time, and have many friends who use Facebook Marketplace. Even in the pre-internet years we used to pop postcards in the newsagent’s window, advertising the things we wanted to rehome.

On an individual level, there’s no doubt we have been doing our bit for a long time now. But businesses have been slow to get there. There is huge waste within businesses, and at the same time there is more need than ever in local communities. Charities are under greater pressure than ever before. The landscape was tough before the pandemic, but then we had covid and now the cost-of-living crisis.

Everyone can benefit

The waste that exists within businesses also provides huge potential for good causes to benefit. An enormous impact can be made on wonderful local charities through businesses simply passing on the things they are no longer using. Charities are so imaginative with how they will make use of donated items. And they will often be able to repurpose things that a business might have assumed to be completely redundant.

A wide range of items have been successfully rehomed via our platform, from laptops, stationery and furniture to baby blankets, candles, squishy toys, bamboo poles and carpet tiles. There really is no limit to what can be given away! There are some great case studies on our blog. So take a look through your store cupboard, outbuilding or stockroom and see if there are treasures lurking there that could benefit a brilliant local charity working in your community.

Sign-up and do your bit!

Go to www.agoodthing.org.uk/signup to create an account with us. It takes just 30 seconds – and then you can create a listing straightaway. And send less to landfill and more to a good cause!

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