Christmas – Five fun festivities without overspending

(While cutting waste).

The run-up to Christmas can be a joyful time. But it can also be weeks of feeling left out if we’re not attending Christmas events, making Christmas Eve boxes or planning parties. Yet these activities can lead us to spend money we don’t have, and buy things we don’t need.

So at Rumage we’re here to celebrate the festive wins this holiday season with five fun festivities that don’t involve overspending and won’t cause unnecessary waste.

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Forage for Christmas decorations

Instead of buying more Christmas decorations, why not forage for some natural décor that is both sustainable and thrifty. Twigs, foliage, herbs and cones are all great for making wreaths, wall hangers and door decorations. You can even use them in your gift wrapping. The Woodland Trust has a handy guide to get you started.

Shop second hand

Of course, you may like to pick up a few festive items for your family, such as Christmas mugs or matching pyjamas. But there is no need to shop new, as pre-loved is so often just as good. Remember, can help you find what you are looking for in no time at all. It curates search results from a wide variety of second hand retailers. So before you head to the shops, take a look on Rumage.

Enjoy Christmas stories

Cuddle up with your loved ones and read a classic or modern Christmas story, such as The Night Before Christmas. If you don’t have a favourite book already, you can pick up a second hand copy that will not only be cheaper, but will save an item from going to landfill. If your children are too old for stories, you could all choose a book and have a cosy reading session with a lovely hot chocolate for an extra festive touch.

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Have a Christmas craft session

From collage to colouring, salt dough ornaments to easy cardboard models, there is tonnes of fun to have with Christmas crafting. For extra eco-points, use up your junk that would have been thrown away or discarded. There’s rarely a need to buy expensive craft materials as we all have so much to hand anyway if we look.

Head out on a Christmas light trail

There’s no shortage of houses, villages and towns that are lovely to see in all their shining glory with their Christmas lights. Why not wrap up warm and head out for an evening walk when you can appreciate all the lights and get into the festive spirit.  

Hopefully these are some great ideas for how to enjoy this magical time of the year, without feeling you have to splurge or go against your eco-principles. With some planning ahead, you can take simple steps to eliminate some of this wastage and save money in the process. Read our Top Tips For A Greener Christmas.

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