Rumage WordPress plugin

Download our plugin to show curated second-hand product listings that update daily on your WordPress website.

To install:

1. Download the file below

2. Extract its directory and contents into your theme’s /plugins directory.

3. Activate the plugin

4. Go to Settings > Rumage Pages to create a shortcode that can be included on any Post or Page.

How to use

Use a Shortcode Block to insert Rumage listings into any Page or Post within your WordPress site.

An example of the minimal Shortcode format is:

[rumage page="second-hand-sofas"]

Control the appearance of the listing on your page using optional parameters.
In the example below, we’re setting a fixed width and height of 640 and 800 pixels respectively:

[rumage page="second-hand-kids-party-decorations" width="640px" height="800px"]

By default, the listing will stretch to your page’s width and be 1200 pixels high.

For a full listing of all the Rumage pages available go to Settings > Rumage Pages in your WordPress backend.

Note: If a listings page has just been created on Rumage, it could be up to 24h before it becomes available on your website.