This Easter the things you enjoy even with the rain!

What can we do in the Easter holidays to make memories in the rain before we send them back to school for the summer term? Even as the rain falls there is lots to do with a little imagination. So, make the most of these few weeks with some indoors activity if you can’t get out and about!

Still time to camp!

Even indoors you can make dens and forts of blankets and pillows or buy a cheap pop up tent to spend the night in. This little tent on Amazon is cheap and cheerful and worth it for a couple if nights indoor camping. String up little lights and eat sandwiches or pizza in front of your make shift den. No mud and the loo is nearby.

Read together

Most kids are never get too old to read to. Funny voices and well-read descriptions can get the imagination going. Read a book and the try and get them to draw what they’ve heard. It really doesn’t matter what you read if you make it fun and interesting. Taken turns being the characters and just get silly! If you don’t want to read pop on a audio book and enjoy it together in some down time – with a cuddle to boot!

Puzzle it out

Jigsaw puzzles are great because everyone can do them. We leave one out on a table or the floor and as we head past, we pick a bit and make it fit.  Even when they are ‘playing’ the humble puzzle is proven to help improve collaboration and  cooperation skills. There are loads of second hand puzzles on the selling sites, so they don’t have to cost the earth. Try

Memory Books

As the rain comes down now is the time to write up the memories of the special times you’ve had so far this year. Stick in things you’ve found, add some photos. We bought a polaroid camera from Amazon for instant memories

Movie night (or day)

Get the pop corn ready and turn out the lights. Move off the sofa onto cushions and make the most of the films you have – maybe a quiz after the movie? If you are going to be stuck inside as the rain falls why not have a day where you kick back?

Play games together

If you really want some screen-free family time, then the good old-fashioned board game is still a firm favourite. Playing as a family helps you all relax (or get competitive). It helps kids understand that they can’t always win – nothing worse than a bad looser! This is a key life skill, but you have lots of fun along the way. Why not get together with other families and swap games about or head to the second hand sites and find some that others no longer want?

Whatever you do have fun in the last few weeks as once they are back to school a new pattern will take shape!

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