International Women’s Day

5 female eco-champions to celebrate this IWD

International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women. It is also a day to be vocal about the need to accelerate women’s equality. At Rumage, not only do we champion equal-rights, we also love to share in other’s successes, especially those that align with our vision for a better planet. Here is our list of 5 female eco-warriors who deserve recognition this IWD.

Isatou Ceesay, One Plastic Bag founder

Isatou Ceesay is a Gambian activist who is best known for her recycling initiative called One Plastic Bag. Drawing on her experiences as a volunteer in the Peace Corps, Isatou taught other women how to turn plastic bags into bags, purses and rucksacks. Not only does this significantly reduce the impact of plastic waste, it also supports hundreds of West African women in making an income and becoming more independent.

Sylvia Earle, marine biologist and campaigner

Sylvia Earle is a marine biologist, author and explorer. Having been the first female chief scientist of the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, she now devotes her time to raising awareness about climate change and sustainability. Sylvia set up the Mission Blue foundation. They seek to gain public support for a global network of marine protected areas. A documentary on her efforts to address oil pollution can be found on Netflix.

Cat Fletcher, Founder of Freegle UK

Australian-born Cat Fletcher was disappointed to find there was no at-home recycling in the UK when she moved here in 1992. To address this, she used her own van to pick up empty bottles and cans from her friends and neighbours across Brighton each week. This initiative grew into the popular Freegle site. A place where unwanted items can be given those who need and want them. There are now more than 400 Freegle groups across the UK. They bring together millions of members who want to reduce and reuse.

Jihea Kim, Instagram influencer at Ecolifechoices

Based in London, Jihea Kim is a sustainability consultant who uses social media to share eco-friendly lifestyle tips on Instagram. Her sustainable living tips cover topics such as second hand fashion, vegan food and day-to-day eco-friendly products we can switch to.

Rachel Kelly, Thought Clothing co-founder

Rachel is the co-founder of sustainable fashion retailer, Thought Clothing. Starting the company in 1995, Rachel was a trailblazer in the drive for clothing that not only looks great, but is good for the planet. The team only works with natural, sustainable and recycled materials, ensuring minimum impact and maximum quality. Rachel is a huge advocate of making sustainability a joy rather than a chore. This is evidenced through their vibrant and creative designs.

Together with all of these inspirational women, we can all take steps towards an ecologically-safer future. is excited to be part of that journey.

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