It’s all about the coffee for the Rumage team

Here at Rumage, we, like most people have been juggling to keep the plates spinning these last few months, and whilst the morning coffee was always a necessary indulgence, now it seems to have raised itself to just “necessary”, fullstop.

Not only does the mind and body need the bolstering of a caffeine boost, but the now heightened awareness of how we as a race are ruining, irrepairingly it seems, our planet with over-consumption and a plastic orientated lifestyle, the fact that coffee pods in their millions are thrown into landfill everyday, is something I can no longer live with.

Arguably the creator of the pod mania, Nespresso has been making bicycles out of recycled pods which is great, they are solving in a beautiful way, a problem they created.

However, really, the energy expended on the recycling process should be removed altogether and the answer lies in completely compostable pods.

We have had a happy time trying out different tastes and brands, resulting in occasionally typing so fast the autocorrect can’t keep up!

Here are some of our finds if you too want to trim down your kerbside rubbish….

Grind are certified by the soil association and all their beans come from small holders around the world.

The Eden Project

The Eden Project also has compostable, plastic free pods, which have the added bonus of being made by energy derived from wind, sun, biogas and hydro power. Find them here:

Then we found Rave

These pods and their lids, will be broken down in approximately 90 days through natural heat and can also be put into kerbside food waste bins.

There are parts to living that obviously cannot be achieved by upcycling and reusing, so we are on a mission to be as green and kind to the rest of the world as we can. Big steps and small footprints.

Have a good morning and don’t drink as much in one go as we did trying these out!

Rumage maybe eligible to earn revenue from these recommendations.

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