Planet Friendly Products: Part One – Packaging

As we have seen what lock-down has done, in a positive way, for the planet we’ve been looking about for some more planet friendly, plastic free products that we could adopt so that life does not just drift back to normal. Let’s try and ditch the old habits in favour of some more planet positive ones.

We’ve looked at some that range from being biodegradable to plastic free, with recycled packaging. Part one is about the packaging products we take for granted when we are at home.

Let’s ditch the clingfilm for other ideas. Here are some of the amazing ideas we found.

This is an amazing product – three products in one really. At the Eco Shop  you can get lots of alternative products. But, our top find was Zero Wrap which is a zero waste food wrap made from high quality, food-grade silicone. It has 3 uses so you can ditch disposable cling film, aluminium foil, AND baking paper.  Yes that’s right you can use it to cook, cover and wrap your food.  And, all materials used are 100% recyclable.

Looks cool as well!

At Global Wake Cup you can buy many different products from ruck sacks to coffee cups, all with that planet friendly spin and all look amazing! We love this zero-waste lunch kit that is ideal for office and school lunches or picnics. Looks cool, is kind to our planet and sets you apart from everyone else.

Leftovers are often just covered in cling film for ease but you can get all the food-grade silicone food covers you need at Home Kitchen Creative. They are an easy and practical way to keep plastic to a minimum. Stretchy and secure, they have an airtight seal that keeps food fresh longer. 

For all your packaging needs, what about this Realpack Recyclable Antistatic Green Eco-Friendly Bubble Wrap? Amazing – nothing annoys me more than endless reams of bubble wrap in EVERYTHING. This some in a few sizes and is ideal for that gift you need to send!

It’s easier than you think…

Eco Kitchen Goods have metal straws in gold, silver and rainbow and they even come with a cleaning brush. What better  way to reduce your carbon footprint one straw at a time? They are retro in styling and look great on the summer table!

There are loads of sites out there to help you be more sustainable and planet positive. Small steps make a big difference!

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