“Unprecedented times”… “The new normal”

These familiar phrases seem every day now – are we all sick of them?  Maybe, but the pandemic has had a huge impact on our natural environment and is likely to alter our struggle to create a more sustainable way of living in fundamental ways…

According to the BBC there is cause for optimism as we’re living through the biggest ‘carbon crash’ in recorded history their charts and graphs visualise the massive slump in carbon output precipitated by lockdown measures across the planet. It even shows the differences in traffic congestion in some cities as people stayed at home.

Take 2 Cities…

However, this ‘carbon crash’ has prompted a worrying drop of investment in the energy sector, potentially resulting in less funding going into clean energy solutions and energy efficiency research.

Perhaps one of the greatest shifts will turn out to be in our attitudes, as the pandemic overturns decades-old norms and creates new possibilities. Extinction Rebellion is already seeking to capitalise on this with their new ad.

Greta Thunberg sites that climate change is still ‘as urgent’ as coronavirus.

Is the world beginning to join the dots between the pandemic and our way of life and how that impacts the environment?

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