Want to start a treasure trove of antiques?

Antiques have always been in, vintage is very in and very now, and we can count on the fact that old stuff will always have value. Shopping for it, on the other hand, can be weirdly uninviting. Can I really head into an Antique shop when I don’t really know what exactly should I be buying? Yes you can or you can shop online at the many second-hand sites selling vintage or antiques items.

The first step towards finding a treasure is to go looking for it.

Not everything you come across will be of great value but if you like it and it adds style to your home why not? Gravitate towards styles you like, and inquire about them, with confidence. In most cases, for an item to be considered “antique,” it must be at least 100 years old. Something younger than that may still be collectible and valuable, but it is “vintage.” Understanding this distinction is very important if you’re going to be buying or selling antiques because the age of an item can be a major factor in determining its value.

Talk to people

The true dealers are passionate about what they do, and they will want to tell you and share all they know. Many have knowledge about a certain style, or genre of collectible, or about how to fix up an old thing—that knowledge has been passed through generations. Start by getting to know your local dealers or joining online forums to see what other are looking for. The Antiques Forum  offers a wide range of affordable antiques and collectibles.

Start with something you love

Start small and in-expensive and build from there. It’s wonderful when you find something in mint condition. But there’s likely to be a scratch where others have loved this item. Often the glassware won’t be complete but if it looks great and can match in with what you have – then why not add it to your collection?

And if you do find the perfect, reasonably-priced pair of lamps, grab them up and feel that sense of satisfaction and joy.

Whether you’re buying investment pieces or just having a good time, it’s important that you learn how antique values work. Sellers can ask any price they like for an item, but that does not mean the piece is worth that much money. This is not like buying something in a regular store; you need to think about whether the asking price is fair. So investigate how rare the item is, what the condition is like, its age, quality and history all come into play when pricing (or paying for) an item.

Measure your space

Some of the best vintage shopping can be done online, but be warned don’t get wrapped up in the feeling… Make sure you measure before you hit the markets or when you are searching online. You could try and find something with us – I’m looking for some cool vases to make a statement https://app.rumage.com/?term=Antiques+vases

Happy hunting!

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