World Earth Day – How to celebrate as a family

World Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on the 22nd April, to raise awareness of the environment and celebrate the achievements of the eco-movement. As well as being an international event, it is a great opportunity to celebrate closer to home and as a family, marking your achievements and looking at other ways to protect our planet. Here are some eco-focused activities to mark this important day.

Get composting

If you haven’t got a compost heap, World Earth Day is a great time to kickstart things. Talk as a family about what you will compost. You could even write a list and stick it up to remind everyone. It’s also fun to think about what you will use your compost for – what would you like to grow in your garden? For some tips on how to make a compost heap at home, the Eden project has some helpful pointers.

Make a window box

One ideal place for your new compost (when it is ready!) is your very own window box. To be environmentally-savvy, try to reuse what you already have or buy a second-hand window box using Window boxes are great for planting herbs so always have them to hand for cooking. Basil, mint and rosemary all do really well in window boxes and are easy to maintain. Alternatively, you could plant wild flowers that don’t require lots of attention and are great for insects.

Book time

Reading and sharing books together is a lovely way to learn and grow as a family. We’d recommend Greta and the Giants by Zoe Tucker and Tidy by Emily Gravett as a good starting point. As well as accessing books from the library, if there are a couple of titles you’d really like to own, you can search for second-hand copies through Rumage.

Join bigger campaigns

As well as activities at home, there are lots of campaigns and actions that you can help amplify by adding your voice. The ‘Save our Wild Isles’ is a fantastic project that is happening across the UK, generating a collective ask of the Government and policy makers to take decisive action to protect the future of our planet. You can add your signature on their dedicated website.

Whatever you do to mark this year’s World Earth Day, be sure to have fun and remember to celebrate your eco-achievements. Even the smallest steps count towards a greener future.

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