Reducing plastic in your kitchen – some easy steps

Read our Guest Blog from about reducing our use of plastic as an important step in being kinder to the planet. Plastic needs a huge amount of energy and resources to be produced. This has a massive carbon footprint. What is also worrying is that recycling plastic is highly inefficient. In fact, less than 10% of plastic has been recycled.

The best way we can therefore be greener is to reduce the amount of plastic we use. The
kitchen is a great place to start, as this can be one of the worst offenders in the home. Here
are some simple steps that you can start taking today to make a difference.

Switch to beeswax wraps

Cling film is really bad for the planet. It pollutes our waterways because it won’t break down,
is hard to recycle, and is made from potentially harmful chemicals. Switching to reusable
beeswax wrap is a great solution. It’s easy to use, and when choosing a reputable brand you
can be assured the production process behind these products meet rigorous environmental
and social standards. These are a great buy.

Use refillable containers

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There are a growing number of shops, particularly independent retailers, where you can fill
up jars and tubs with everyday essentials. Pasta, nuts, seeds, and even tea and coffee are
great staples that you can fill up your own receptacle with and eliminate plastic packaging.
As an added bonus they are much easier to store than the flimsy plastic packets that many
foods are sold in.

Don’t buy wrapped fruit and vegetables

It’s always baffling why certain fruits and veg are wrapped in plastic, such as bananas,
grapes and apples. Choose loose items wherever you can – although it can feel more
convenient to grab something prepacked, a few extra minutes can make a big difference to
the environment.

Choose bamboo

Many of us own durable glasses and plates. Whether it’s because we have children or enjoy
dining outside, non-breakable items are super helpful. Instead of opting for plastic, buy an
eco-friendly alternative, such as palm leaf, sugarcane, or bamboo. If you’re looking for short-
term solutions, such as for a party or a one-off event, be sure to buy tableware that will

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Stock up on tote bags

Be sure to have a ready stock of tote bags for taking with you to the shops. Keep a few in
the car as well, so that you can have access to them when you have to make a last-minute
stop on the way home. It can be tempting to just buy a new reusable carrier bag from the
supermarket, but getting into the habit of taking a tote or a hessian bag with you will pay
dividends for the environment.

Reducing our reliance on plastic can take time but with simple steps it becomes easier as we
get into a new routine. Try to enjoy your journey and take note of your successes, that way it
becomes a positive process rather than a chore.

Read more about why is so passionate about all this here!

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