Fashion – Reasons to buy more second hand 

As champions of the pre-loved, Rumage celebrates second hand fashion. We are trying to reduce some of the stigma that sadly still exists about used items. There are now so many places to look for second hand items that it’s often overwhelming. Where to go when you want to save both money and the planet with one conscience consumer decision?

That’s why Jo Spolton started at her kitchen table back in 2019. She and her team passionately believe in going second hand, first and want others to be able to do so too.

So why embrace Pre-loved?

1. Caring for the environment

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This is pretty obvious, but it’s an important reminder. Shopping second hand stops clothes from going to landfill unnecessarily. It also decreases the reliance on the fast-fashion industry, which is not only bad for the planet, it has terrible morals too.

2. Saving money

Many families and individuals are struggling financially now. Soaring gas prices, rising petrol costs, increasing food bills – it’s certainly a hard time. Buying second hand clothes is a great way to keep costs down, especially if you have children to buy for. They grow so quickly that items might only be worn a handful of times before they are too small. By spending less in the first place it won’t sting quite as much when clothes need replacing before you know it.

3. Sourcing unusual finds

It’s easy to wind up wearing the same thing as someone else when you shop on the high street. Even if it isn’t from the same store, many clothing brands look similar or use the same patterns as it’s all about tapping into trends. But what if you want something different? Second hand clothing is brilliant for finding unusual or edgy pieces that wouldn’t be in mainstream stores. If you’re feeling creative you could even find a basic item and customise it.

4. Ambassadorship

By wearing second hand clothes, you are becoming an ambassador for this sustainable practice. When people ask you where you got one of your clothing items from, you can tell them it was second hand. This may even encourage someone to try pre-loved shopping for themselves. It is also a great way to show your children the importance of buying pre-loved items, and that is something to be proud of.

5. Supports a good cause or helps other out

By choosing second hand, you could be supporting a charitable cause or putting a bit of extra money into the pocket of the seller. This is a thoughtful way to help others out who might be finding themselves a bit short of money.

With all of these reasons to buy second hand fashion, now is the time to give it a try. And, with so many of us being so busy, remember Rumage can speed up the process by searching multiple second hand retailers all at once.

It’s not just to save money (although that’s super important) it’s an environmental choice. We throw away so much. Many are perfectly good things, things that can be revamped and given a new lease of life. It’s staggering how much clothing still goes into landfill. This means more resources are used and more shipping of goods around the world producing more carbon burned.

Let’s celebrate second hand!

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