How to beat the winter blues by having fun outdoors

It can be tempting to stay inside for days on end when it is cold and a bit dull outside. But even when the sun isn’t shining beat the winter blues by being out in the fresh air and daylight. It’s good for our health. It can also promote better sleep as it aids our circadian rhythm, which is our body’s internal clock that controls our sleep-wake function.

To help you get motivated to get outdoors, here’s our roundup of activities that can encourage some wintery fun.


If you’ve ever been on a segway, you’ll know it’s a lot of fun. If you haven’t, January is the time to embrace something new. As they’re electrically charged as well, they are kinder to the environment than fuel powered transportation. And it’s a fun activity to do with all the family, including those who find walking more challenging. If you already own a segway maybe you could make it pay for itself by offering it up for rental at RentMy.

Waterproof clothing and boots

There’s no denying that the rain and damp can be off-putting sometimes. Be sure to kit yourself out in some weather-appropriate gear such as waterproof trousers, a waterproof jacket and some good quality walking boots. You’ll be thankful for them in that unexpected downpour.

The good news is you don’t have to spend a huge amount either, as there’s always plenty of second hand outdoor goods to be found using

Head lamps

The dark hours can quickly creep up on us when we’re out and about, so a head lamp is a good way to ensure you can light your path. It’s reassuring to take with you so you don’t need to worry if you’re slightly later than planned and the night has started to set in. 

Walking poles

Walking poles are great if you want to have a countryside walk in the winter. They’re brilliant to help you navigate wet or snowy conditions, or paths that are a bit rocky and unsteady underfoot.


A second hand telescope is a cost-effective way to enjoy the night skies. Winter has some lovely evenings that are cold but cloudless, making it ideal to explore the constellations above us.


If you love the outdoors but feel the cold, a firepit could be the answer. Not only do they keep you warm, firepits create a fantastic ambience for some family time or a get together with friends. Grab a hot chocolate, toast some marshmallows, or just enjoy the atmosphere. You’ll potentially be able to find a bargain in January when people are clearing their sheds ready for the season ahead, or having a new year clear out.

If you are thinking of getting a second hand bike to enjoy the outdoors why not read our Buyers Guide? Whatever you try, wrap up warm, grab some gear, and get out there to beat those winter blues!

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