It’s all about the veg!

Now I have my veggie deliveries set up – how best to store them?

I’ve been looking about and found this blog – 10 Tips For Keeping Produce Fresh Until Your Next Trip to the Grocery Store… Keep it fresh!

And I’ve been hunting about for some great Veggie Bags that are an alternative to plastic.

These reusable Mesh Bags are made from 100% Natural Cotton – They are Eco-friendly, bio-degradable & washable. Guaranteed – The breathable mesh ensures that whatever you store in these bags remains fresh for a long period of time.

Good value reusable mesh produce bags are also washable and Eco-friendly. They come in 3 sizes Large (17″*12″), Medium (14*12″), Small (8″*12″). Made of strong, lightweight, easy-to-see-through mesh polyester means you can see at a glance what you are storing They are plastic-free so good for the environment. Not quite as artisan but offers great value for money.

KitchenCraft Stay-fresh potato preserving bag, 26 x 38 cm (10″ x 15″). Stop spuds from sprouting! This bag keeps them fresh for weeks at a time, cutting down on food waste and trips to the shop. They are good value for money but there is only 1!

This is a set of 6 Organic cotton re-usable produce bags – Washable & biodegradable. If you like the look of cotton bags Collingwood Ecoware produce bag set includes 1 Small (8 x 10 inches), 2 Medium (10×12 inches), 2 Large (12×14 inches) & 1 Extra Large (14×18 inches)

So keep them fresh for longer and cut down the trips to the store

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