15 ways to say no to black friday

Responsible consumerism? Is it even possible?

Rumage is about responsible consumerism, ethical practice, and realising we all have a choice – and that’s a powerful lever of change. Companies, Banks, all need us to buy their products. So long as we keep buying new, there’s no incentive for change. No incentive to clean up their manufacturing processes, and no incentive to improve working conditions and rights for workers. No incentive to find greener ways to transport things around the world. Here are some ideas for how you can turn anti-Black Friday Pink.

1. OptOut:

Literally turn your back on it. Spend time in nature instead of participating in the shopping frenzy. Share tips for outdoor activities, and highlight the benefits of spending time in the great outdoors.

2. Buy Less, Give More:

Buy fewer material possessions and instead spend that money on doing something memorable with your nearest and dearest. Or give it to a foodbank.

3. Support small Businesses:

Local businesses need our support, huge tech companies and high street brands don’t. Buy something unique, handcrafted, and local.

4. Crafts people need our support:

Crafts people need our support. Go on Instagram, see if someone there is making something by hand, in the UK, as a small business or side hustle.

5. Sustainable Shopping:

Raise awareness about the environmental impact of consumerism. Encourage people to buy secondhand, buy refurbished, get an upcycling project off Ebay. Keeping things in circulation even for a little longer reduces demand.

6. Mindful Consumption:

Be mindful when making purchases. understand the psychology of consumerism. Encourage people to think critically about their shopping habits.

7. DIY and upcycled Gifts:

Inspire people to create their own gifts or purchase handmade items from artisans and crafters.

8. Social Media Detox:

Encourage people to take a break from social media during the Black Friday weekend. Why put yourself through it?  Share the benefits of disconnecting from the constant marketing and consumerism that flood social platforms.

9. Repair and Reuse:

Repair and reuse products instead of buying new ones. Share resources for finding repair shops or learning repair skills.

10.  Giveback Day:

Organize a day where people come together to volunteer or engage in community service instead of shopping. Highlight the positive impact of giving back.

11.  Hunt out workshops and webinars:

Find a webinars featuring experts on topics like minimalism, sustainable living and ethical consumerism.

12.  Make It a time of gratitude:

Encourage people to shift their focus from acquiring things to expressing gratitude for what they have. Share daily gratitude challenges or stories of gratitude.

13.  Boycott or protest:

If you want to take a more activist approach, organize or participate in boycotts or protests against black friday that are contributing to consumerism.

14.  Make black Friday Pink Friday:

Shop for your bargains second hand. Say NO to rampant consumerism, say YES to sustainability! And turn black Friday, Pink.

15.  Share this, spread the word!

Get other people thinking differently and deeper about Black Friday.

Remember to use social media to spread your message.

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