Upcycle it!

We know that upcycling reuses object/materials to create new products and that they have a real or perceived higher value than the original. Well, that’s the dictionary definition out the way. But it’s been proven that there are huge environmental benefit of upcycling as well. It doesn’t just reduce the volume of materials sent to landfill each year, but the impact of upcycling reduces the need for the production of raw materials helping reduce air pollution, water pollution, the emission of greenhouse gases

So what are the upcycling facts?

They are far reaching – not only environmental but there is a benefit you personally and even wider communities can benefit from this way of thinking and acting.

What about you and upcycling?

Well you know that you have done your bit for the planet. It feels good and the satisfaction alone (as well as the pride in what you produce) is a great feeling.

Another warm feeling comes from bringing an item back to life or giving it a new life. These skills can be passed down to the kids. It’s not all about instant gratification but working and crafting to make a one-off product. I’d prefer something that is unique and there are brands out there you can buy from, but nothing beats creating it yourself!

What about the community?

A real added benefit of upcycling is that it supports many small businesses, some run from the kitchen table and others a way of life for a whole community. There will be a talented and creative ‘craftsperson’ putting their passion into these upcycled products. It’s great to get behind these people as some of the skills they have are being lost as people turn to new.

Fact – the trend for recycling and reusing is on the rise and the market is expected to grow. In 2017, this market was valued at about 265 billion U.S. dollars. By the year 2024, it could be up to 377 billion U.S. dollars

We must reduce landfill

The trend for mass manufactured products is changing but still we buy things as quickly as we throw them away. Even selling them on (or passing them onto less fortunate people) can help reduce the reliance on landfill.

Many people make it their business to make new stuff from things that people don’t need or want anymore. Items on their way to landfill are scooped up by some very creative people.

Fact – Amazingly, it takes around 1,800 gallons of water to grow enough cotton to produce just one pair of jeans

Done well, upcycling, means there is less reliance on using new materials!

Why not give it a go?

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