Rumage – a labour of love and a way of life

I met Jo at her art exhibition more years ago that I shall admit to, introduced by another friend I had no idea where this union would lead. I was new to a community, kids were a future project – life was good, life was one big party. Leaving the big smoke to start a new – I didn’t know where I’d end up. I could not have imagined the life I was yet to discover.

But life went on – the parties got less, the kids came along. Suddenly different things became a priority. I met more people in the area, some not as fortunate as me, some needing help. So, I passed on my kids’ stuff to welcome and happy homes – it was such a joy to share items, stories and life hacks.

A wonderful encounter

About then, Jo started a website to help those in our area swap and hand on unwanted items to other mums who really needed them. I remember driving to meet one mum in a petrol station to hand on goodies that would help her and her growing family. It felt so good!

From there, and after much coffee (and wine), a new idea was born. One that took second-hand to a new level. An idea that looked to recycle, up-cycle and support the world we want our children to inherit. An idea that looks to help our planet, so our kids don’t have to pick up all the pieces. Though we have still left them a job to do!

Pre-loved is just as good as new

Start hunting down those items you’d rather buy pre-loved over new and join us at It maybe to make ends meet. It maybe because you have a passion for giving items others have fallen out of love with a new life. Or, it could be that you just want to stop land fill. We search as many second-hand sites as we can. We are connected to thirteen right now. More are in development so we can deliver results to your hands and you to get the best deals.

I have a full and happy life but, COVID 19 has helped me re-imagine a new life and made me more determined than EVER to set the world to rights, be more present, use less and pass on more.

The team that guides us

Since we started this adventure, we have had others join us. Friends and family obviously but others who, out of love of the idea, have dived in, given their time, their skills and their passion to make this launch possible:

Stephen – without whom we would not have our first product. And as CTO and Founding Member he makes us giggle and sets us straight – well there are no words for his amazing contribution.

Susie – who after a late-night text starting blogging for us and secured a following that proved her passion for the planet and second hand.

Anthony – who has been following our story for ages and has now joined the gang, offering us his time and experience with a dash of humorous insight chucked in to lighten the moment.

And the friends – who support us and write articles and who are always there for coffee (and wine – I won’t lie).

For our amazing husbands and wives who have listened to us and supported us for 4 long years. And opened many bottles of wine while we planned.

But mostly to Jo – whose passion and dedication I cannot begin to share with you. A friend, a CEO, a total ROCK!

Join us and keep us posted on what you find and what we can do differently to make a real difference to the planet we are taking care of.

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