When used kids stuff is easy, budgeting is easy

As a mum I know the clothes my kids get through. There are the shoes that are in perfectly good nick but they’ve grown out of them. Then the bikes that are too small and the toys that go out of favour. Buying everything new makes no sense when you have kids. And the same goes for other things too.

Why do I need a fancy new drill, when there is a perfectly good one on sale on Ebay? Why buy cheap furniture from Ikea when I can get a solid do-er-upper on Gumtree for even less – or even get the same Ikea one for less? 

By making second-hand easy, we can make second-hand first choice. Which means we can all save money, stretch our household budgets and save the environment at the same time. What’s not to like?

If you want to make great choices when buying second-hand or refurbished goods Rumage has some guides to help you out. Like our Second-hand furniture guide or maybe it’s Second-hand bikes that you are into. Hopefully we have some tips to help.

To make it all just a bit easier we developed rumage.com to help you search more second-hand selling sites, in one go, across 3 locations. Currently there are 16 sites linked to rumage.com and we are busy making new connections. GoRumage! See what you find.

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