We’ve made buying pre-loved as easy as falling off a log

I know buying pre-loved can be a chore. Finding the right thing, bidding at the right time, how do you know where the thing you want is? Which websites to search? The best deal may be listed on Shpock, but you’ve got Ebay and Gumtree bookmarked. How many sites can you keep tabs on?

So I thought, why not bring all the second-hand markets into one place?  

One search, all the sites. Let’s make it easy. If people can search all of the second-hand wardrobes available, all of the refurbed laptops, all the kids bikes that are up for sale, rather than those on just one or two sites, that’s great. And if one postcode and max price search filters the lot, you can see everything that’s available on all the sites, all in one go. You’re more likely to find exactly the thing you want at a price you want to pay.

Which makes thinking second-hand first, a genuine choice.

Rumage is here to make shopping this way easier. If we can get more people to buy pre-loved first, simply by making it easier, then I’ve done my bit.  And if people feel proud to do that because it’s the savvy thing to do, and savvy environmentally, then we can really make a difference. I want to make buying second-hand, a badge of honour.

If you want to find out more about buying pre-loved why not read Rumage Hints and Tips on how to buy Second-hand? Or flick though one of the Guides we have produced. They cover second-hand furniture to refurbished laptops and lots more. Hopefully there is something for everyone with lots of articles on living with a lighter footprint, de-cluttering life and upcycling.

Join the second-hand revolution today and make good choices for your, your family and the planet.

Happy rummaging!

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