It’s all about the veg!

Now I have my veggie deliveries set up – how best to store them? I’ve been looking about and found this blog – 10 Tips For Keeping Produce Fresh Until Your Next Trip to the Grocery Store… Keep it fresh! And I’ve been hunting about for some great Veggie Bags that are an alternative to … Read more

Cautious COVID Shopping Rumage can help

We are opening up as a country. Some school years are back (with more year groups to follow as schools get to grips with larger numbers), support bubbles are being built, more and more shops are throwing their doors open to us. Then there is the 4th of July news. From 4th July the bubbles … Read more

Delivered fresh to your door

Have habits changed for good? What have we been doing differently that we will take forward post COVID-19? Well for me it is the veg (and meat) shopping. I’ve tried a few national ones and they are all good. But these guys are the ones I shall rotate till I find a true winner! Riverford … Read more

There’s no excuse for being a Litterbug

Written for Rumage by Susie Hudson If you looked at the carnage left behind in Bournemouth this week with horror and disbelief, you’ll probably be thinking the same as me… what possible excuse, reason or justification is there for disregarding, disrespecting and dismissing our beautiful planet in this way and who thinks it’s ok to … Read more

We’ve had a rumage for some Eco Gifts

So, we could well be coming out of lock-down but I do wonder for how long. I have many friends who have summer birthdays and while I may not be able to party with them, I can send my thoughts with some Eco gifts. Rumage has been doing some hunting and here are our favourite … Read more

“Unprecedented times”… “The new normal”

These familiar phrases seem every day now – are we all sick of them?  Maybe, but the pandemic has had a huge impact on our natural environment and is likely to alter our struggle to create a more sustainable way of living in fundamental ways… According to the BBC there is cause for optimism as … Read more

Get out and garden!

We have become quite the gardeners during the lock-down – gardens all over the UK are blooming, well curated pictures of beauty. I, for one, am proud of the effort put into my lovely space and so thankful for (on the main part) the spectacular weather we have enjoyed. But does this come at a … Read more

Wooden garden games that the whole family can enjoy

To help you select more sustainable outdoor games, Rumage has been doing a little digging. We are all more plastic conscious these days and so wooden outdoor games are making a real comeback – not only are they better for the environment, they look nicer as well. Here are our top 3 Quoits a simple … Read more

The facts about Recycling

At the end of 2019 recycling rates were worse than they were five years ago, after the percentage of waste being collected fell despite pledges to make the system simpler for households. The figures from the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) show that the amount of household rubbish being recycled dropped from … Read more

It’s all about the coffee for the Rumage team

Here at Rumage, we, like most people have been juggling to keep the plates spinning these last few months, and whilst the morning coffee was always a necessary indulgence, now it seems to have raised itself to just “necessary”, fullstop. Not only does the mind and body need the bolstering of a caffeine boost, but … Read more